Special Report

Quirky Foods Invented Since 1920

How particular is your palate? Would you be willing to try a food that’s out of the ordinary? What do you identify as a quirky food?

24/7 Wall St. tracked down what we thought were the quirkiest foods invented both accidentally and intentionally since the 1920s. We noticed that each decade has a unique theme of these so-called quirky foods.

For example, the Great Depression era of the 1930s features a pie that requires minimal ingredients and no oven. Also in this decade you’ll find Spam, a cheap canned meat. The overarching theme? Hard economic times brought about simple recipes and cheap canned goods to cut food costs.

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The 1940s is the last decade to include quirky recipes. From that point on it’s all packaged and processed goods, with the exception of the 2000s and beyond, which introduces hybrids of vegetables and even pastries.

As you reminisce on your favorite childhood goodies, you may chuckle comparing the foods considered quirky then to the ones that are idiosyncratic now. Oh how the times have changed!

To identify quirky foods invented since 1920, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed multiple sources and found foods we deemed quirky starting from the 1920s to the present decade. We classify a food as quirky if it has an eccentric origin or offbeat story behind its inception, a funky mix of ingredients, a unique presentation, and distinct savor.