Top Tech Gifts This Holiday Season

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This holiday season, Americans will spend millions buying all the newest gadgets the tech industry has to offer. Clothes, toys, books, and candy are always popular gifts. However, it is the new video game systems, smart phones, computers, and other modern marvels that are most coveted, and in all likelihood carry the biggest price tag.

Using third-party tech product review sites and Google’s Keyword Planner, 24/7 Wall St. has identified the tech products projected to fly off the shelves this holiday shopping season.

Most of the tech gadgets that will find their way into real and digital shopping carts this year fall into one of several categories: smartphones, cameras, laptops, personal computers, and video game systems. These categories have represented the lion’s share of must-have tech gifts for years. That being said, a surprising number of relatively new technologies — including home automation technology, drones, smartwatches, and virtual reality platforms — are likely to be popular this shopping season.

The usual tech companies continue to dominate the coveted-gift landscape. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung alone manufacture more than half the products on this list. Still, relative newcomers like item locator marker Tile, thermostat manufacturer ecobee, and smart lock maker August Home, and others are also on the list alongside those juggernauts.

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