Special Report

Beers Americans No Longer Drink

Americans bought 210.5 million barrels of beer in 2016, up about 2% from a half decade ago. Surely, beer is big business in the United States. The beer industry generated over $350 billion in economic output in 2016, nearly 2% of total GDP.

Like many industries, the beer industry is subject to changing demographics and evolving consumer tastes. In recent years, Americans have been turning to craft beer, imports, cocktails, and wine as their alcoholic beverage of choice.

These shifts in consumer tastes can have major implications for beer makers, and some of the industry’s largest brands are losing market share year after year. For many of the beer industry’s most iconic brands — such as Budweiser, Bud Light, and Miller High Life — the best days may be in the past.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed five-year changes in domestic shipping volume for 29 of the industry’s largest brands to identify the beers Americans no longer drink. While some brands like Stella Artois and Modelo have enjoyed great spikes in demand — more than doubling in shipment volume in the last five years — other brands have not been as lucky. Shipment volume for every beer on this list is down at least 6.5% in the last five years. Demand for some has fallen by over 25%.

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