Special Report

30 Richest Americans of All Time

America is often referred to as The Land of Opportunity, offering people of all backgrounds and levels of education a chance to succeed and build a fortune through hard work and innovation.

Throughout U.S. history, people have become titans of industry and gained recognition through their accomplishments and industry-disrupting ideas. These figures often rose to prominence by undercutting and outmaneuvering the competition to dominate their industry. Names like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Astor are still prominently displayed on street addresses, performance centers, and municipal buildings because of the indelible impact those people have had on American history and the economy.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed lists of the wealthiest people in American history, both those living and deceased, to determine the richest Americans of all time. We converted the estimated net worth of those who have passed away into current U.S. dollars.

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