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Most Popular Tiny Dog Breeds

Source: RichLegg / Getty Images

20. Papillons
>Average weight (male): 5-10 lbs.
>Popularity ranking among all dogs: 53

Not even standing a full foot off the ground, the papillon is quite the spunky pooch. The breed is relatively athletic and robust, despite its delicate appearance. Between the dog’s agility, feather-light weight, and dashing looks, papillons are regular winners at acclaimed competitions.

Source: Dylan Xu / Shutterstock.com

19. Bichon Frise
>Average weight (male): 12-18 lbs.
>Popularity ranking among all dogs: 46

The bichon frise is one of 21 hypoallergenic dog breeds. This dog in particular has a very plush, velvety coat with a defined afro of fur around its head. Bichon frises are a friendly breed, and for that reason aren’t good guard dogs. However, they are easy to train and even like to perform tricks.

Source: chendongshan / Getty Images

18. Shiba Inu
>Average weight (male): 23 lbs.
>Popularity ranking among all dogs: 45

Shiba inu is an ancient Japanese breed. The breed’s popularity has exploded since its arrival to the U.S. some 60 years ago. Shiba inus were originally bred to flush small game and birds, which likely explains their muscular build. The Shiba inu is the 45th most popular dog in the U.S. and the most popular companion dog in Japan, according to the AKC.

Source: Antonio Villascusa / Wikimedia Commons

17. West Highland White Terriers
>Average weight (male): 15-20 lbs.
>Popularity ranking among all dogs: 42

Also known as a Westie, this pooch may look adorable on the outside but on the inside lies an innate hunter. During their 300 years of existence, Westies have been trained to hunt a variety of rodents. They are known to chase just about about anything that moves. While loyal and intelligent, the Westie is a stubborn breed and may be difficult to train initially.

Source: Thinkstock

16. Maltese
>Average weight (male): Less than 7 lbs.
>Popularity ranking among all dogs: 33

Maltese are tiny indeed, typically weighing less than 7 pounds. This breed is known for its white, long, and silky coat, giving it a royal, almost delicate look. It may be the most ancient European toy breed, with the first of its kind appearing as early 3500 B.C. in the island of Malta.

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