America’s Most Patriotic Brands

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Companies adopt different brand images to market their products to consumers. Some adopt the health-conscious idea; some label themselves as wholesome, family-oriented; while others take the cool and hip approach. As Independence Day nears, we are reminded of another strategy — a brand’s connection with America.

Brands try to do this by demonstrating how long the product has been in existence as well as where it is made in America. Many of these brands use imagery that resonates with national pride.

Brand consultant Brand Keys recently published its 16th annual 50 Most Patriotic Brands in America based on a survey of more than 5,000 consumers. Iconic brands such as Jeep, Disney, and Coca-Cola top the list..

Some of the brands considered to be among the most patriotic are of products most closely associated with America — cars, soft drinks, fast-food restaurants, and beer. All of these brands are among the biggest advertisers at that most American of events, the Super Bowl.

Many brands embrace a connection with the United States, whether it’s the freedom to travel the nation’s highways on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or imbibe a Sam Adams Summer Ale (named after the rabble rouser from the American Revolution).

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