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Biggest Baby Name Trends of 2018

Source: Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

10. Finn
> 2017 Rank: 167
> Notable people with that name: Finn Wolfhard, actor
> Origin: Irish in origin, from the word “fionn” (white, clear)

Source: Keystone / Getty Images

10. Eleanor
> 2017 Rank: 35
> Notable people with that name: Eleanor Roosevelt, activist
> Origin: English in origin, popularized by Jane Austen’s novel “Sense and Sensibility”

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9. Henry
> 2017 Rank: 18
> Notable people with that name: Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company
> Origin: Introduced to the English after the Norman invasion in the 11th century, evolved to common spelling in the 17th century

Source: Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

9. Rose
> 2017 Rank: 141
> Notable people with that name: Rose Leslie, actress
> Origin: Originally associated with the Old English word “ros” (horse), now most commonly associated with the flower

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

8. Wyatt
> 2017 Rank: 25
> Notable people with that name: Wyatt Earp, gunslinger in the Old West
> Origin: Combination of English and French names Wyot and Guyot, respectively