Special Report

The Best-Selling Video Games of 2018

In the last few decades video games have gone from a niche medium for nerds and arcade regulars to a multi-billion dollar industry. So far in 2018, people around the world have purchased over 160 million copies of games.

Based on video game sales statistics for 2018 from games statistics site VGChartz, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 25 best selling video games so far this year. We looked at the sales of titles for individual consoles, rather than combined sales. In some cases, the same game has more than one entry on this list. In nearly every case, the PS4 versions of these titles do meaningfully better than the Xbox One equivalents. This is not surprising, given the fact that the Sony console has more the doubled Xbox’s global sales.

It turns out that a well-known trend in the film industry — the rise in popularity of remakes and sequels — has become the standard in the video game industry as well. Every title on this list is part of a franchise with at least one release. A number of titles on this list are franchises that have been around for decades, with dozens of releases.

While PS4 titles dominate the list, a number of the highest-selling games are Switch games. Nintendo’s new portable console has been a major success, leaving behind memories of the largely disappointing Wii U.

The games with the highest sales figures in 2018 were not necessarily released in 2018. In one case, the game is several years old but is still still popular and outsells hundreds of new titles. Sales data for these games was pulled during the last week of November. Sales figures are only for the listed console.

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