Special Report

Greatest Two-Sport Stars Ever

Detailed findings & methodology:

It can be difficult to objectively rank the greatest two-sport athletes of all time, as there is not an easy comparison between athletes of different sports, let alone players who play football and basketball versus those who play hockey and baseball and so on.

Many players on this list never actually suited up in their second sport, opting to focus on one. Yet many of these athletes were highly drafted in their second sport. Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Russell Wilson and John Elway had the chance to become professional baseball players, aided by their strong arms, but both chose to focus on football. Dave Winfield is a baseball Hall of Famer, but scouts believed he also could have thrived as a pro football or basketball player, had he given it a shot.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed American sports history to find players who either played in or were drafted in multiple professional sports leagues or Olympic sports. Players were sorted on their success or perceived potential.