Special Report

17 Easy Tricks to Beat Post-Holiday Stress

Hristina Byrnes

The season of sipping eggnog, indulging in desserts, and relaxing with family is over. Reality has settled in again, but coming to terms with it after weeks of fun is easier said than done. Some people have a hard time returning to the old routine and feel less energized and more stressed.

Post-holiday depression is sometimes defined as a general feeling of sadness and hatred of all things work-related soon after a long holiday. Symptoms include stress, anxiety, mood swings, inability to focus, and fatigue.

Time off from work often serves as a much needed break, alleviating work-related stress. But for many people the relief is short-term. A survey of workers in the UK found that after only one week back on the job, 76% of employees felt as stressed as before they went on vacation.

The likelihood of experiencing post-holiday blues varies widely depending on such factors as job satisfaction, the particular holiday being celebrated, and travel problems. Whether you socialize in general and whether you actually relax while off work have also been tied to post-holiday stress.

Making the transition from relaxing to working as smooth as possible is not impossible, but it takes some effort. Thankfully, there are a few easy tricks you can try to beat the post-holiday blues.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed dozens of studies and information posted by independent organizations such as the American Psychological Association to identify 17 tricks to offset post-holiday stress and fatigue.

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