Special Report

The Coolest Women's Firsts in History

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jennifer Yuh Nelson
> First woman to: Solo-direct a major Hollywood animated feature
> Year: 2011

Have you see Kung Fu Panda 2? It is the second highest-grossing film directed by a woman, and that woman was Nelson. It was also the first major animated movie produced by a Hollywood studio directed by a woman. Nelson was also the first woman to be nominated for an Oscar in the animated feature category by herself.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jennifer Welter
> First woman to: Coach in the NFL
> Year: 2015

Welter was an intern for the Arizona Cardinals in 2015. She worked for six weeks in the summer as an assistant coach under linebacker coach Bob Sanders, who said he was not afraid to be different by working with a woman. “It’s time,” he added. The first woman to be hired full time as coach was Kathryn Smith.

Source: gageskidmore / Flickr

Patty Jenkins
> First woman to: Direct a superhero movie
> Year: 2017

Jenkins directed the highly successful “Wonder Woman.” It’s the first superhero movie directed by a women, the highest grossing such feature directed by a woman, and the movie directed by a woman with the best opening weekend, making over $100 million.

Source: Sarah Breedlove Walker (Madame C.J. Walker) / Wikimedia Commons

Sarah Breedlove
> First woman to: Become a self-made millionaire in the U.S.
> Year: 1910’s

She was born in Louisiana just a few years after the end of the Civil War and her parents were former slaves. She made her fortune selling hair products for black women.

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

Aloha Wanderwell
> First woman to: Drive around the world
> Year: 1921 – 1928

It took Wanderwell seven years to travel around the world in a car. She started her adventure when she was only 16. It began as a challenge. She signed up to travel with a man to see who could visit the most countries in the world.