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America's Most Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Source: Courtesy of BYD

13. BYD e6
> Fuel (or energy) efficiency: 72 MPGe
> Type: Small electric crossover
> Annual fuel cost: $900

The only Chinese-made vehicle on this list has an EPA-verified range of 187 miles per full battery charge. It takes up to 5 hours to fully charge the vehicle’s lithium ion battery pack. BYD, which is primarily known for producing electric car batteries and electric buses, is backed by U.S. business magnate Warren Buffett. BYD is touting the e6 as an ideal ride-sharing vehicle, but the vehicle is rarely seen in the United States.

Source: Courtesy of Tesla

12. Tesla Model X 75D
> Fuel (or energy) efficiency: 93 MPGe
> Type: Electric midsize SUV
> Annual fuel cost: $700

With a starting price tag of about $83,000 this all-wheel drive 75D with the 75-kWh battery pack (a max distance per charge of 237 miles) is the most fuel efficient version of the Model X. Tesla announced in January it will no longer accept orders for this base model. The new base model is the same vehicle with a 100 kWh battery pack, which has an MPGe of 87 miles but can travel up to 289 miles on a fully charged battery pack.

Source: Courtesy of Tesla

11. Tesla Model S 75D
> Fuel (or energy) efficiency: 103 MPGe
> Type: Fullsize electric sedan
> Annual fuel cost: $650

The Model S with a 75 kWh battery is the most fuel efficient version of Tesla’s electric sedan. But like the Model X, Tesla announced earlier this year it was scrapping the smaller battery pack. The new battery would entail a price jump of the new Model S base price of $18,000 to about $98,000. The 100D gets 102 MPGe and it can travel about 270 miles on a fully charged battery pack compared to 237 miles for the 75D.

Source: Photo by Bill Pugliano / Getty Images

10. Ford Focus Electric
> Fuel (or energy) efficiency: 107 MPGe
> Type: Compact electric car
> Annual fuel cost: $600

Ford Motor Company’s push into fully electric vehicles included a battery powered version of its Focus compact. Despite the car’s robust fuel economy rating, it was never very popular in the U.S. or European markets, where consumers have more choices in small fuel efficient vehicles. Ford announced last year it would stop selling five of its six sedans in North America, including the Focus Electric.

Source: Courtesy of smart / Mercedes Benz USA

9. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive
> Fuel (or energy) efficiency: 108 MPGe
> Type: Electric two-seat hatchback
> Annual fuel cost: $600

If you live in a big U.S. city you have probably spotted one of these quirky hatchbacks, and it was probably parking in a space in which few other cars could fit. The coupe version of the minicar, which starts at about $24,500, is among the top 10 most eco-friendly vehicles in the U.S. market. In some larger cities, the cars are available as ride-sharing vehicles through car2go, the company owned by German auto giant Daimler — which is also the owner the Smart brand.