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America's 25 Favorite Pizza Joints

Source: Courtesy of Silvia L. via Yelp

20. Vesta
> Yelp rating: 4.4 (1,586 reviews)
> Location: Redwood City, CA

This stylish Silicon Valley pizzeria serves salads and small plates (assorted charcuterie, grilled carrots, etc.), but also seven red pies and seven white ones. A vegan red pie option is made with pistachio pesto, spinach, and tomato sauce; the most elaborate of the white pies is a Carbonara, with mascarpone, mozzarella, farm egg, applewood-smoked bacon, parsley, garlic, black pepper, parmigiano-reggiano, and red onion.

Source: Courtesy of Christian +. via Yelp

19. Cortina’s Italian Market
> Yelp rating: 4.4 (1,608 reviews)
> Location: Anaheim, CA

Cortina’s is a full-scale family-owned Italian market and delicatessen, with an adjoining pizzeria. Three sizes of pizza are available, with a choice of 14 standard ingredients (pineapple among them). There are also a few regular offerings, including a classic Margherita, a Chicken Italiano (with smoked New York mozzarella), and an Italian White pie (with Alfredo sauce, aglio olio, ricotta, and broccolini). A large selection of Italian-deli-style sandwiches and a handful of pastas fill out the menu.

Source: Courtesy of Cecelia T. via Yelp

18. Saverio’s Authentic Pizza Napoletana
> Yelp rating: 4.4 (353 reviews)
> Location: Massapequa, NY

Owner Saverio Cataldo, a certified pizzaiolo (pizza-maker) according to the Association of Neapolitan Pizza-Makers, makes his pies with imported San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala from Campana, and extra-virgin olive oil, and cooks them at 850-900 degrees in a wood-burning oven imported from Naples. Specialties include a classic Margherita and a variation that adds parmigiano-reggiano to the toppings.

Source: Courtesy of Andrew D. via Yelp

17. Arizmendi Bakery
> Yelp rating: 4.4 (1,853 reviews)
> Location: San Francisco, CA

This bakery and pizzeria — one of five associated but independently owned cooperatives around the Bay Area (see The Cheese Board Collective, below) — serves only one pizza variety at a time, a different one every day, always meatless. Made with a thin sourdough crust, varieties include such combinations as roasted Yukon Gold potatoes with basil pesto and a mix of mushrooms, mixed greens, smoky roasted tomato sauce, and bell pepper sauce.

Source: Courtesy of Lou M. via Yelp

16. Smiling With Hope Pizza
> Yelp rating: 4.4 (367 reviews)
> Location: Reno, NV

Paulie Gee, whose own pizzeria is number 25 on this list, called this “the greatest little pizzeria in America.” Despite its proximity to the gambling dens of Reno, its name has nothing to do with optimistic gamers — it’s a reference to the fact that Smiling With Hope trains and employs people with developmental disabilities. The menu features classic New York-style pizzas and calzones with a handful of traditional toppings.