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The Most Welcoming Countries to Expats

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10. Czechia (The Czech Republic)
> Ease of settling in: 53rd out of 68
> Working abroad: 3rd out of 68

Czechia, also known as the Czech Republic, was boosted by high scores for working abroad and family life, where it places third in each index. Job satisfaction, job security, and career prospects made Czechia attractive for expats in the working abroad index. Good childcare options, quality of education and affordability of raising children boosted the central European country’s family life index scores.

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9. Colombia
> Ease of settling in: 9th out of 68
> Working abroad: 32nd out of 68

Colombia was in the top 15 countries for expats on the strength of its showing in the personal finance index, where it ranked first. The South American nation also ranked fifth among the 68 nations for low cost of living. In terms of ease of settling in, Colombia ranked highly in measures of finding friends, friendliness, and feeling at home. Colombia also ranked fourth in expat satisfaction for online services, a measure in the quality of life gauge.

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8. Spain
> Ease of settling in: 7th out of 68
> Working abroad: 43rd out of 68

Spain landed among the top 15 countries for expats by placing third in the quality of life index, with 90% of respondents generally satisfied with life in the Iberian nation. Foreign residents were satisfied with the leisure activity options, the climate, and affordable health care. Expats said the Spanish are friendly to foreign residents and considered the language not difficult to learn. Nine of 10 parents were happy with family life in Spain.

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7. Costa Rica
> Ease of settling in: 3rd out of 68
> Working abroad: 38th out of 68

Central and South America have five nations represented in the top 15 nations for expats, and Costa Rica was one of them. The nation with a laid-back culture ranked highly for ease of settling in, and was among the top seven in the categories of feeling at home, finding friends, even if you don’t speak the local language. In terms of quality of life, Costa Rica ranked in the top five nations in leisure options and personal happiness. Expats were drawn to Costa Rica for its rainforests, waterfalls, and beaches.

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6. Portugal
> Ease of settling in: 5th out of 68
> Working abroad: 48th out of 68

Expats were drawn to Portugal because of the quality of life. The Iberian nation ranked second in the quality of life index, fifth in ease of settling in, and ninth in family life. As many as 94% of respondents said they were happy with the climate, and respondents were reassured by the country’s high level of personal safety. More than eight out of 10 said the quality of healthcare is good. One-fourth of respondents to the survey were retirees, and the average age of expats in Portugal was 48.9, more than four years older than the survey average.