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20 Reasons We Really Need Elephants

Source: Cecilie_Arcurs / Getty Images

11. Cure for a headache

If you have a headache or other aches and pains, elephant dung might be the cure. Because elephants ingest such large amounts of fruits and plants on a daily basis, many of the medicinal properties found in them will show up in elephant dung. The waste product is lit on fire and when the smoke from it is inhaled, aches and pains are relieved.

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12. Making fruit low-hanging

The gentle giants bring down branches, allowing other animals to reach fruit and leaves.

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13. Elephants help us fight cancer

Researchers at the universities of Utah and Chicago have found that elephants have evolved a DNA mechanism that gets rid of cells that have cancer-causing mutations. Scientists are studying elephant DNA to create drugs to treat cancer or possibly prevent it.

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14. Assisting the hearing-impaired

An elephant’s hearing spectrum is nearer to that of a human than any other animal. Elephants are able to detect sounds that move underground through cells in their feet and trunk. Humans have similar cells in their hands and feet. Researchers are trying to determine how the elephant ear detects sounds to help in the creation of a new generation of hearing aids.

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15. We’re similar in age, and aches and pains

Elephants live to be about 70 years old, roughly the same age as humans, and they have similar cardiovascular and osteoarthritic issues as people. The elephant knee joint plays a similar role to the human knee joint in bearing weight..