Special Report

The Middle of Nowhere in Every State

With virtually every inch of the Earth mapped and cataloged, and with ongoing population growth, it’s harder nowadays to traverse unspoiled terrain in the United States. The population density of the United States today is 20 times what it was in 1790. In high income nations like the United States, 90% of the population lives within one hour of a city. (Here are the 50 most densely populated cities in the world.)

While living near urban centers tends to bring area residents social and economic benefits, the adventurous among us may be pleased to learn there are still some corners of our country that remain extremely remote — places referred to fondly (or not) as the “middle of nowhere.”

24/7 Wall St. identified the location in each state with the longest estimated travel time to the nearest city using data published Jan. 10, 2018 in Nature. Travel times take into account all forms of travel, as well as the quality of transportation infrastructure.

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