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The Best Private High School in Every State

Source: Eric Broder Van Dyke / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

Hawaii: ‘Iolani School
> Location: Honolulu
> Students: 2,150
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 11:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1360
> Annual tuition: $25,325

The ‘Iolani School in Honolulu ranks as the best private high school in Hawaii. An Episcopal school, ‘lolani is a college preparatory school that emphasizes Christian values. The school boasts a perfect graduation rate, and popular colleges and universities for alumni include the University of Southern California, University of Washington, and Stanford.

Like other competitive private high schools, ‘lolani is expensive. Tuition alone is $25,325, and with room and board, a year at ‘lolani costs nearly $60,000.

Source: Riverstone International School / Facebook

Idaho: Riverstone International School
> Location: Boise
> Students: 371
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 8:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1320
> Annual tuition: $20,325

The Riverstone International School in Boise has an education system based on both international school and community school models. The school boasts small class sizes and hundreds of students from over 45 countries. Tuition at Riverstone is $20,325 and for those students who board at the school, a year of enrollment costs $51,500.

Source: AMPERIO / Wikimedia Commons

Illinois: University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
> Location: Chicago
> Students: 2,051
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 8:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1430
> Annual tuition: $33,558

The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools are affiliated with the university they share a name with, and students benefit from the resources of the higher education institution — including libraries, performance theaters, laboratories, and museums.

Students also benefit from small class sizes, and a reported 98% of all graduates go on to a four-year college. Many of those schools are among the most selective in the country, as the average SAT score at the Laboratory Schools is 1430 — or at the 95th percentile.

Source: Courtesy of Culver Academies via Facebook

Indiana: Culver Academies
> Location: Culver
> Students: 830
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 7:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1300
> Annual tuition: $42,135

Culver Academies in Indiana are an all girls private school and an all boys military school. The school offers small class sizes, with a 7:1 student-to-teacher ratio, and the average SAT score among enrolled students is higher than about 86% of all scores nationwide. Attending Culver costs $42,135 per year, and an additional $10,000 for boarding fees.

Source: Courtesy of Maharishi School

Iowa: Maharishi School
> Location: Fairfield
> Students: 186
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 6:1
> Avg. SAT score: N/A
> Annual tuition: N/A

The Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa, is a K-12 private school focused on college prep and inner development, incorporating yoga and mediation in the academic curriculum. The school has some of the smallest average class sizes in the country, with just six students for every teacher and a perfect graduation rate.

For admission, applicants must be interviewed and submit a completed application, a personal recommendation letter, an essay, and standardized test scores.