Special Report

Highest-Rated Shows You Can Watch Today

Source: Courtesy of Syfy

3. The Expanse: Season 5
> RT score: 100%
> Network: Amazon Prime

Tha latest season of “The Expanse” finds the crew of the Rocinante attempting to heal their personal relationships and still put a stop to the forces behind a conspiracy that could destroy the world.

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2. For All Mankind: Season 2
> RT score: 100%
> Network: Apple TV+

An alternate history saga, this series imagines that the USSR was the first global power to land a crew of astronauts on the moon — thus sparking a competition with the U.S. that could bring about dire consequences.

Source: Courtesy of Apple TV+

1. Dickinson: Season 2
> RT score: 100%
> Network: Apple TV+

An unlikely comedic look at the struggles of poet Emily Dickinson against the cultural and political confines of 19th-century Massachusetts.