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Emergency Items You Need to Have Packed and Ready to Go

Emergencies are one of those situations that nobody wants to have but should know what to do in case they occur. What do you do when help can’t reach you right away in different kinds of unforeseen crisis situations? You go to your emergency kit.

Having an emergency kit full of supplies ready and on hand can help in many different kinds of situations. Disaster preparedness can be the difference, if not between life and death, certainly between a delayed and quick help/aid. Most times, emergency kits can simply provide comforts in difficult situations, from a blanket to keep warm to a charger to keep your phone working.

To compile a list of emergency items you should always have in your home, 24/7 Tempo reviewed information from a dozen online sources that focus on preparedness and help in emergency situations, including the American Red Cross and home insurance sites.

A main question that must be answered when building an emergency kit is what kinds of emergencies can affect you. The emergency kits needed for all of them have at least two items in common — enough water and perishable foods for a few days. Though beyond that kits can vary greatly, it’s a good idea to have certain items on hand because emergency situations are unpredictable and can last for days. 

Unpredictable weather disasters can take many forms, from hurricanes, floods, and blizzards to tornadoes and raging wildfires. While some are more common in certain areas, they can strike anywhere. These are the best and worst prepared states for weather emergencies.

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