Special Report

America’s Largest City Parks

41. Glenn Cunningham Lake, Omaha, Nebraska
> Acres: 1,439
> Park agency: Omaha Department of Parks, Recreation and Public Property

40. Kern River County (Regional) Park, Bakersfield, California
> Acres: 1,445
> Park agency: Kern County General Services Division – Parks (within Bakersfield)

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

39. Latta Nature Preserve, Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
> Acres: 1,459
> Park agency: Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation

Source: JeffGoulden / iStock via Getty Images

38. Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park, Riverside, California
> Acres: 1,467
> Park agency: Riverside Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department

37. Mt. Airy Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio
> Acres: 1,471
> Park agency: Cincinnati Park Board