How many Macs did Apple sell last quarter (Q3 2018)

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Fewer Macs than the same quarter last year, according to my panel of analysts, even as the broader PC market shows signs of life.


Tim Cook used to brag about how many quarters in a row Mac sales had outpaced the rest of the industry. Those days are over—and if Apple persists in making MacBooks without the MagSafe power adaptor, they may be over forever. Just my opinion.

According to the 20 analysts I’ve heard from so far—10 Wall Street professionals and 10 independents—Apple Mac sales shrank in June for the third quarter in a row. Their estimates range from a low of 4.06 million units (-5.6% year over year) to a high of 4.42 million (up 2.05%). Average: 4.29 million, down 0.5%.

To see what that looks like in context, click on the year-over-year growth column in the interactive chart below. Don’t see the chart? Click here.

Below: The individual analysts estimates, pros in blue, indies in green.
macs q3 2018

Click to enlarge. 

We’ll find out who was closest to the mark when Apple reports its fiscal Q3 earnings about 30 minutes after the closing bell Tuesday July 31. I’ll be monitoring the 5 p.m. earnings call, and you can too. Click here.