Hey Apple, why no trailers Monday? (The sizzle reel doesn’t count)

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I left the Steve Jobs Theater disappointed. I wasn’t the only one.


From The Hollywood Reporter: Here Are the TV Series That Took Center Stage at Apple’s Event:

Series from Aniston and Witherspoon (The Morning Show), Steven Spielberg (Amazing Stories), Abrams and Sara Bareilles (Little Voice), Kumal Nanjiani (Little America) and Steven Knight (Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard starrer See) and potential content from the Sesame Workshop and Winfrey (the latter pair each have content deals) were the centerpiece of Apple’s original video presentation. There were no trailers shown during the presentation, only a sizzle reel that included scenes from series like the Hailee Steinfeld entry Dickinson, The Morning Show and more. (Watch the sizzle reel, below.)

Cue the video:

My take: The best spin I came up with on the long flight home Tuesday was that the purpose of Monday’s event was to pitch the new streaming platform to Hollywood creatives, not to blow them away with the stuff already in the can.

More likely the stuff wasn’t ready. Or wasn’t good enough.