Activist Investor

2022 was not a particularly strong year for ESG activists, or indeed, any one of the three by itself.
Disney management now is up against a take-no-prisoners activist investor.
It cannot be lost on Mark Zuckerberg that an outsider has made a very large investment and has taken Meta to task in public.
Disney's CEO has fended off an activist investor. Now, can the stock recover?
An investment firm that preys on poor management has set its sites on Disney.
Activist investor Carl Icahn has serious concerns about the Fed's ability to engineer a soft landing for the economy.
Another top engineer leaves Apple, while Tim Cook gets a $100 million payday. Plus, what an Apple camera might look like.
U.S. equity markets got off to a good start on Monday and most meme stocks got in on investors' willingness to buy.
Here's a look at what the ARK Invest exchange-traded funds bought on November 4, 2021.
Here's a look at what the ARK Invest exchange-traded funds sold on October 27, 2021.
One of Cathie Wood's ARK Invest exchange-traded funds bought nearly 300,000 shares of Robinhood on September 27.
GameStop takes the next step in its transformation as a company with a plan to nominate a new slate of individuals for its board of directors, including a new board chair who has been a vocal...
Activist investment firm Engine No. 1 is applying more pressure on Exxon Mobil to reduce carbon emissions.
Carl Icahn has pared his holdings of Herbalife by about 70% and now holds just 6% of the company's stock, far less than the 24% he held about five years ago.
Activist investors like shaking companies up and putting management in the hot seat. That might not be the message that that they would like to send out, but that is what they do. When news that...