Retailer J.C. Penney is about to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to a number of sources. That leaves its 90,000 workers in limbo.
J.C. Penney is widely expected to seek bankruptcy protection as soon as this week.
Neiman Marcus is not the first retailer to enter into bankruptcy protection in this recession. It likely will not be the last.
Oil and gas producer Chesapeake Energy is reportedly preparing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing as it tries to dig out from under more than $9 billion in debt.
Oil driller Diamond Offshore on Sunday filed for bankruptcy protection as it tries to strengthen its balance sheet and reorganize its debt.
Just like the coronavirus affects people weakened by chronic health problems, the pandemic also has a more profound effect on companies that are financially weak. J.C. Penney continues to mull a...
A report that J.C. Penney is discussing debtor-in-possession financing with a group of lenders has led to a wave of selling for an already-decimated stock.
J.C. Penney has reportedly hired advisers who specialize in reorganizing the finances of a struggling company. The venerable retailer may be unable to avoid bankruptcy protection, according to some...
J.C. Penney has posted deeper and deeper declines in revenue and now it may go bankrupt. Whether it will be able to continue to operate or it faces the liquidation of its assets, it has 846 stores at...
It’s a tough time to be an apparel and fashion retailer. On top of millions of people people having become jobless, many retail destinations have been deemed non-essential and have been forced...
Oil and gas producer Whiting Petroleum has filed for bankruptcy reorganization in which the company is essentially exchanging debt for new stock and new owners.
Investment management giant Apollo reportedly wants to pull out of its deal to backstop a refinancing of EP Energy, an oil and gas producer that filed for bankruptcy last October.
Canadian cannabis grower CannTrust's headwinds include possible delisting from the New York Stock Exchange, overdue financial reports, a class-action lawsuit, black market competition and more.
If bondholders could get much more than $200 million for McClatchy papers, would they take it? There is a chance the properties are worth much more than that.
That Pier 1 Imports has filed for bankruptcy protection and put the company up for sale. How likely is the company to find a buyer?