consumer spending

A recent analysis reveals that more than half of all Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck
It won’t be long before the debate about how brisk holiday sales have been. There are only 26 days left until Christmas.
There are only 40 shopping days until Christmas and, so far, those days do not look good for retailers.
Inflation worries have started to turn into a panic, and many Americans see no way out.
While it is inconceivable that a family could not afford to shop at Walmart regularly, it seems to be the case in at least one state.
Whether or not Americans to shop for the holidays is based on whether they feel rich or poor. This year, inflation has eroded buying power.
Inflation may rise at a faster pace for several reasons. Each represents a separate case.
Since the future of inflation is impossible to forecast, the effects of rising prices may be based more on perception than reality.
This renowned economist and former Treasury Secretary has thoughts about the prospects for the U.S. economy now.
No other period of the year matches the holiday season as a barometer of economic health.
Online spending this holiday season is on track to rise by more than 30% year over year and reach a total of around $190 billion.
The widespread economic reports have shown mixed signals about the recovery, but a fresh look at retail sales came in much stronger than expected.
Black Friday, the traditional start of the annual holiday shopping season, still creates excitement among a large share of shoppers. But nearly as many expect to do most of their Black Friday...
Tuesday's economic calendar included reports from the U.S. Department of Commerce on the trade balance and from the Institute of Supply Management on the non-manufacturing purchasing managers report.
The pandemic has hurt all financial companies, but BofA Securities is now much more worried than it has been about prospects for American Express in the months ahead.