Americans Ready To Increase Spending As They Shop For Holidays

It will be a good holiday for many retailers. The "mood" of American shoppers is excellent as the holiday season approaches, according to data from Gallup. The report does not ...
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Half of Americans Who Don’t Own Homes Expect to Buy Within 5 Years

On a national basis, since reaching a peak in April of 2006 before crumbling following the subprime mortgage debacle, U.S. home prices in February had recovered more than 96% of ...
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25 Cities With the Healthiest Diets

Few habits affect overall well-being more than a healthy diet, and the probability of eating well largely depends on one's place of residence. The “2016 Community Rankings for Healthy Eating” ...
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Do Engaged Employees Create Higher Profits?

Gallup has a novel concept, based on metadata research. Employees who are more engaged (which is not entirely well defined) at the workplace help companies create higher profits. In a ...
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Economic Confidence Level at 2016 Low: Gallup

Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index averaged −16 for the week ending April 24, down four points from the prior week and the lowest average in the year to date. The index ...
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More Than Half of Americans Oppose Fracking: Gallup

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has been the single biggest driver of increased U.S. crude oil and natural gas production in the past several years. But not only have horizontal drilling ...
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Most Americans Now Oppose Nuclear Energy: Gallup

For the first time since Gallup first asked the question in 1994, more Americans oppose the use of nuclear energy to generate electric power than support it. More than half ...
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Rhode Island Residents Most Dissatisfied With Their Roads

Among the smallest states geographically, a large number of Rhode Island residents are dissatisfied with their roads. Perhaps this is because they have so few of them. However, the second state ...
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Canada Is America’s Favorite Country

Canada is America's favorite country, according to Gallup research. Ninety-three percent of those surveyed by Gallup viewed Canada favorably, perhaps because the relationship between the two countries is so benign. ...
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Holiday Shoppers to Spend More — Lots More

American consumers appear to think that the U.S. economy is back on track. At least that seems to be the case, based on how much consumers expect to spend on ...
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refilling the car

Americans’ Perception of Oil Industry at 12-Year High: Gallup

There is nothing like low gasoline prices to change the way Americans view the oil and gas industry. From 2001 to 2003, with pump prices averaging an inflation-adjusted average of ...
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Residents Feel Least Safe in Fresno, Most Safe in Des Moines

Fresno, Calif., got another black eye. Gallup has named it the city where people are least likely to feel safe. It is also one of the American cities with the ...
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Housing development

American Attitude Toward Home Buying Dips

Perhaps a slowdown in home sales has cut confidence in home values, or perhaps a deceleration in rising home prices. Whatever the cause, new Gallup research shows the "home buying ...
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Americans Pick Real Estate as Best Long-Term Investment

After a horrible collapse in real estate prices over the course of the recession, and a surge back in prices recently, Americans believe it is the best long-term investment among ...
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bank vault

Global Bank Account Owners Rise 700 Million

The number of global bank account holders increased by 700 million recently, which is good news for banks and bad news for consumers who pay fees for maintaining these accounts. Gallup researchers ...
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