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Demand for gold dropped sharply in the second quarter and the outlook for the rest of the year calls for only a modest uptick in demand for the entire year.
A multi-billion-dollar acquisition in the precious metals industry could signal a wave of deals in the coming years aimed at creating scale.
How oil, gold, and bitcoin performed on Tuesday.
By Arkadiusz Sieron, ValueWalkInflation continues to rise but may soon reach its peak. After that, its fate will be sealed: a gradual decline. Does the same await gold? If you like inviting people...
Gold prices have posted a new 52-week high Thursday morning. Here are 10 equities that were moving higher as a result.
The World Gold Council's report for the September gold market does not paint a rosy picture for the market in the near term.
In a new report, the World Gold Council said it expects gold prices to follow its historical pattern of increases in September.
Demand for gold in the first half of 2021 is down about 10% year over year, but demand from gold-backed ETFs is down much more.
Outflows from global gold ETFs totaled more than $30 billion in the first half of 2021. New money flowing in only partially offset the outflows.
Governments, mostly through their central banks, hold gold reserves. The largest among these by far is the United States.
Gold and silver prices both rose sharply last year. Which of the two looks like a better investment going into 2021?
Short interest in gold-mining stocks tumbled in the two-week period that ended November 30.
Gold had a scorching run earlier this year, and while some have started to exit the precious metal, there are plenty of reasons for investors to take another look now. BofA Securities remains...
In the two-week reporting period that ended November 13, short interest decreased on three of five gold-mining stocks.
Bitcoin is within a few percent of closing at an all-time high. Will it make it? If it does, will the high last longer than a week?