Insider Activity

Insiders are using their last open windows to sell shares before they are closed for the earnings reports, and the volume dropped dramatically last week.
Insiders have continued buying shares, especially at companies that either have traded off some or may have issues going forward.
A wild quarter with some huge insider selling as the market constantly hit all-time highs closed Friday with very light insider action last week.
The big drop in the markets, the first of 1% or greater in a very long time, no doubt helped the insider buyers to go in and grab shares. With earnings right around the corner, this may be the last...
While the insider selling slowed somewhat, top executives are still taking the chance to sell shares before the windows for trading start to close for earnings.
Another week in which the relentless strength of the stock market continued, and again this week, insider buying remained stronger than we have seen for most of the first quarter.
For the first time this year, the insider buying volume looked to be much closer to the selling in share count, though insider sellers still seemed to dominate in the dollar amount.
The SEC has announced that an auditor based out of Silicon Valley has agreed to settle insider trading charges.
For really the first time this year, we saw the pace of insider buying jump, and that may signal that while the rally could still have some legs, things are finally calming down some.
One thing that could help this market would be either a solid sell-off or a long sideways move. Either way, gains need to be consolidated, so it’s likely the sellers will continue to dominate.
Giddy investors continued pouring money into U.S. stocks last week, and insiders continued their steady purchases at companies where they work or have a large position on file.
Insiders are selling gigantic amounts of stock each and every week, and as long as we stay at these lofty levels, that probably will continue.
The insider buying is much more solid than during earnings season, but it has slowed as the market continues its push higher.
The sellers came out in full force, as they have been ever since the year started. And with stocks as overbought as they have been in years, you can count on them continuing to sell.
With the fourth-quarter reporting season all but over, the windows for executives to buy and sell shares are opening back up and we have seen a big increase in the number of buyers.