Delta (DAL) Merger With Northwest (NWA) Could Come In Days

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The on-again, off-again merger between Northwest (NYSE: NWA) merger with Delta (NYSE: DAL) appears ready to go through. The deal could be hurt by the fact that the pilots have not signed up for the marriage.

According to The Wall Street Journal "They could go ahead without the support of Delta’s 6,000 pilots. Delta and its pilots remained in talks over the weekend on a new post-merger contract that would cover that group only, leaving negotiations with Northwest’s 5,000 pilots for a later day."

It sounds like the chances for a culmination are less than positive. The pilot’s union could strike either airline and other workers might well go out in sympathy wanting to make it clear that management does not have a free hand in the future of the carriers.

A prolonged strike could do tremendous damage to a new carrier, driving all of the financial benefits out of the merger.

So much for executives and boards running companies.

Douglas A. McIntyre