Are You Tipping Too Much? This is How Much You Should Tip a Shuttle Driver

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Shuttle drivers operate motor vehicles that transport passengers to and from specific locations, typically on a schedule. For example, at airports, travelers usually have access to free shuttles that take them from a guest parking lot to their gate. These shuttles run consistently (every 10 or so minutes). 

While many shuttles are free, passengers still wonder whether they should leave a tip for their drivers. Tipping is a great way to show your appreciation, but knowing how much is too much — or too little — is important when deciding on the amount. 

Here is the ideal tip you should leave a shuttle driver for their service. 

Should You Tip a Shuttle Driver?

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Shuttles are convenient, often free forms of transportation.

Tipping a shuttle driver is not required. In fact, there are some countries where tipping is not expected at all. However, it’s still considered a nice gesture — especially since many shuttle drivers don’t make much salary-wise. Since shuttles are often free, you shouldn’t necessarily feel pressured to leave money you don’t have.

However, if you feel your shuttle driver went above and beyond in terms of service, attitude, and accommodations, and you can afford a few extra bucks, consider expressing your gratitude through financial compensation.

How Much Should You Tip a Shuttle Driver?

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Tipping your shuttle driver is a kind way to thank them for their hard work, but it’s (usually) not required.

If you do choose to tip your shuttle driver, most customers will leave between 15 to 20% of the total fare. Since some shuttle drives are often free, many will simply opt for tipping a dollar or two. Anything more than this amount would be considered “too much,” but of course, drivers will certainly appreciate your generosity. 

How Much Does a Shuttle Driver Make Per Year?

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Tipping your driver can help them earn a living wage.

On average, shuttle drivers make around $41,700 per year, or around $17.90 per hour. However, these pay ranges vary depending on skill level, location, experience, and more. 

Additionally, there are various types of shuttle drivers, such as airport shuttle drivers and even location-based shuttle drivers who will bring visitors to and from various points in a specific area. For example, when I visited Siesta Key, Florida, I used a shuttle service to get downtown and to travel back to my Airbnb. While the service was entirely free, I did leave a few dollars for the driver to thank them for their time.

That being said, since this isn’t necessarily a living wage in many parts of the U.S., leaving tips for your drivers can help them get ahead.

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