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Scales of Justice

The Worst States for Black Americans

The United States was late to abolish slavery compared with many other nations, and in no other nation did its abolition involve the level of violence seen during the American ...
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IPO or Initial public offering on black block

18 Biggest Companies That May IPO in 2017

Investors generally expect companies valued at billions of dollars to go public. Companies that issue an initial public offering (IPO) can use the funds to invest in growth opportunities. In ...
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Front shot of Iowa Capitol in Des Moines.

The Best and Worst Run States in America: A Survey of All 50

Comparing the quality of governance between states can be challenging. The decisions state governors, legislators, city mayors and other elected officials make can have wide-reaching effects on state residents, and ...
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Ranking Gender Inequality in All 50 States

For many Americans, the election of Donald Trump represents a step back for the feminist movement. Whether or not the president-elect's policies will result in meaningful progress for women’s rights, ...
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Helping Elderly

Countries With the Most Generous Welfare Programs

Public social spending has remained at approximately 21% of GDP on average since 2009 across 34 member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Public spending in the ...
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Acorn Street, Boston, Massachusetts

America’s Best States to Live In

Americans often evaluate their home states according to such subjective conditions as climate preference, the presence of friends and family, and personal history. In addition to these subjective measures, more ...
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Sad Graduate, Student Debt

States With the Most (and Least) Student Debt

Total student debt in the United States, at approximately $1.26 trillion, is the second largest consumer debt in the country after mortgages. The average debt of all U.S. college ...
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old house poor country

The Poorest Countries in the World

The distribution of wealth across the globe is anything but even. North America is home to just 4.9% of the world’s population — and 26.5% of its wealth. Meanwhile, South ...
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Vintage closed sign in shop window

9 Stores Closed on Thanksgiving

Retailers nationwide typically rely heavily on the holiday season to meet annual sales goals. In an effort to stretch the holiday shopping season as much as possible, many stores have ...
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Young man using a credit card machine at a checkout counter in a supermarket

11 Stores Open on Thanksgiving

The holiday season is a boon for the bottom line of many retailers. At almost all stores, sales volumes are far higher than average in November and December. This year, ...
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Creepy Old Abandoned House, ghost town

20 American Ghost Towns

The U.S. housing market has recovered substantially since the housing crisis. The improvement, however, has been uneven, and in many U.S. cities housing markets continue to struggle. In some, property ...
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The Net Worth of American Presidents: Washington to Trump

George Washington, the nation’s first president, was also one of the wealthiest men to hold the office. His Virginia plantation, Mount Vernon, consisted of five separate farms on 8,000 acres ...
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Thanksgivig dinner on table, turkey

9 Other Countries That Celebrate Thanksgiving

The American holiday of Thanksgiving traces its roots all the way back to 1621, when colonists held a harvest feast with local natives. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln declared an official ...
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Good heart health

Cities With the Lowest Risk of Heart Attack

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for one out of every four deaths each year. Some estimate the costs of heart-related health problems ...
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Holiday Shopping Clerk, retail worker

Retailers Hiring the Most for the Holidays

Major retailers and shipping companies are expected to hire some 738,800 temporary workers to meet increased demand during the holiday shopping rush, according to estimates from staffing experts Challenger, Gray ...
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