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Old abandoned house

Poorest Town in Every State

Incomes in the United States are far from uniform. A typical household in Scarsdale, New York earns nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year, or more than 13 ...
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Lake Meade Drought

9 Counties Running Out Of Water

This week, California lifted some -- but not all -- of its statewide restrictions on urban water use. This comes as Lake Mead's water level, affected by the same dry ...
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Search and rescue workers, natural disaster

The States Least Prepared for Natural Disaster

From hurricanes to disease outbreaks to wildfires, some part of the United States is usually facing an imminent natural disaster that could potentially endanger lives and cost millions of dollars. ...
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Graduation, graduate cap

States With the Most Student Debt

Today’s graduating class will carry more debt than any other class in history. The average student loan debt at graduation rose from $18,550 in 2004 to $28,950 in 2014, a ...
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thumbs up

Companies With the Best (and Worst) Reputations

Automaker Volkswagen now has the worst reputation of any major company in the United States. E-retailer has the best reputation, and Apple moved into second place, beating rival Samsung, ...
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The Most (and Least) Dangerous States to Drive

The number of fatal car crashes in the United States has declined, at least partially due to better safety measures and improved road design. In 2014, 32,675 Americans died in ...
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American flag, capital, government square

States Where the Most People Work for the Government

More than 22 million Americans are government workers. While the ideal size of government in the United States is a matter of intense debate, most Americans agree that government workers ...
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Money wallet, income copy

States Where Incomes Are Booming (or Not)

The combined sum of all income received by all Americans was $12.2 trillion in 2010. It was the end of what many economists consider the worst decade for the American ...
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Handing soup, soup kitchen, hungry, hunger square

Counties Going Hungry in Every State

Food is a basic need that many people take for granted. Yet, 48 million Americans face limited access to adequate amounts of nutritious food. Many who are food insecure rely ...
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Car salesman copy

Cars So Hot They’re Out of Stock

American motorists bought a record 17.5 million new vehicles in 2015. While automobile sales are at an all time high, certain makes and models are in much higher demand than ...
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Car lot square

Cars Americans Don’t Want to Buy

U.S. auto sales last year were the highest on record, with nearly 17.5 million cars and light trucks sold. Car manufacturers were not the only ones to enjoy the higher ...
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poverty, poor, young boy, hoodie

11 Cities Hit Hardest by Extreme Poverty

Although the economy has largely recovered from the worst effects of the recession, many more Americans live in poverty today than did during the crisis. Perhaps of greater concern is ...
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Manufacturers Bringing The Most Jobs Back to America

The loss of American manufacturing jobs to foreign labor has been a central theme of several presidential candidates’ campaigns. However, the trend of offshoring may be slowing, according to one ...
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Apple Macintosh, 1984

The Cost of a Computer the Year You Were Born

Once wildly expensive and inaccessible but to the very rich, computers today are one of the most ubiquitous technologies worldwide. In 1972, the most basic model of an HP 3000 ...
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Flop, Failure, Business

18 Worst Product Flops of All Time

Big companies must take big risks and sometimes spend millions of dollars in an attempt to find the next big thing before competitors do. Such attempts, however, are not always ...
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