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Student raising hand in school

States With the Best (and Worst) Schools

Few concerns facing the United States -- or any nation -- are more important than ensuring children receive a first-rate education. At her confirmation hearing on Tuesday, U.S. education secretary ...
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portrait of senior couple jogging on the beach old couple

The Best and Worst States to Grow Old

The nation's elderly population is growing. The 2010 decennial census recorded the greatest number and proportion of Americans age 65 and older ever recorded, at 40.3 million people, or 13% ...
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Historic Mill Neck Manor house in Mill Neck, NY Long Island Gold Coast House, Manison wealth richest

The Richest County in Every State

The wealthiest parts of the country are clustered around metropolitan areas in the Northeast, the Mid Atlantic, and the West Coast. Of the 15 wealthiest major U.S. counties based on ...
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hated company

America’s Most Hated Companies

When Time Warner Cable merged with Charter Communications earlier this year and the new public-facing operation rebranded, changing its name to Spectrum, it was likely for good reason. For many ...
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Homeless man asking for help poor poverty

The Poorest County in Every State

Incomes vary considerably across the country as well as within states. The income gaps between each state's richest county and poorest county also vary considerably, with some states more equal ...
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Portrait of a Sulking Businessman Wearing Spectacles and a Pinstripe Suit

The Worst CEOs of 2016

Many factors influence a company's performance -- some within the control of corporate leadership and some outside of it. If things go south, no matter the cause, corporate leaders are ...
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Teacher presenting investment strategy to become a successful business

The Best (and Worst) Investments of 2016

Year-end reviews allow investors to examine which investments did well and which were better left out of the portfolio. They also provide a summary of trends, and perhaps hint at ...
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Big empty billboard on the background of the city

10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2017

A great deal needs to happen for an established brand to die. Brands can have immense power and the fortunes of a brand do not necessarily reflect the company's ...
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Soup kitchen charity

The Best Charities to Donate to This Year!

Generosity is at the core of the holiday season, and each year many Americans make it a point to donate to the causes most important to them. Choosing which nonprofit ...
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Female drinking water healthy lifestyle

The Most (and Least) Healthy States: A Survey of All 50

Progress in a society can be measured by steady improvement in health outcomes. The United States has made progress in some health areas over the years. Other health issues, however, ...
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Businesspeople handshaking after negotiation, hired

American Cities Adding the Most Jobs This Year

The U.S. economy added nearly 2.5 million employed workers in the last 12 months, a growth of 1.7%. Employment is expanding even more rapidly in some parts of the country. Due ...
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fired, layoff, laid off, unemployed

American Cities Losing the Most Jobs This Year

The U.S. economy added roughly 2.4 million workers over the past year. Over the same period, the unemployment rate fell from 5.0% to 4.9%, close to the lowest it has been ...
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old empty factory, dying industry

America’s 25 Dying Industries

Valued at nearly $20 trillion, the U.S. economy is the largest in the world. Maintaining a competitive edge necessitates remaining diversified and dynamic. While this means that some U.S. industries ...
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Scales of Justice

The Worst States for Black Americans

The United States was late to abolish slavery compared with many other nations, and in no other nation did its abolition involve the level of violence seen during the American ...
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IPO or Initial public offering on black block

18 Biggest Companies That May IPO in 2017

Investors generally expect companies valued at billions of dollars to go public. Companies that issue an initial public offering (IPO) can use the funds to invest in growth opportunities. In ...
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