General Motors (NYSE:GM)

General Motors headquarters

GM: The Software in Your Car Belongs to Us, Not You

Just like that copy of Windows or OS X that your computer runs on -- and which Microsoft and Apple simply license to you while retaining ownership -- General Motors ...
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2014 Silverado Pickup

Chevy Cuts Silverado Price as Much as $8,500

The full-sized pickup wars have continued to spawn big incentives ahead of a supply increase of Ford Motor Co.'s (NYSE: F) new F-150. Among the most aggressive offers is an $8,500 discount ...
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Camaro 2016 Launches as Prices Fall and Sales Rise

General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) can say two definitive things about the Chevy Camaro. One is that sales have trended higher recently. The other is that the price GM charges ...
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Ford Motor Company Logo

Ford Tops Auto Companies in Brand Survey

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F), the only of the Big Three that did not fall into Chapter 11 during the recession, topped all car brands in a new valuation study called ...
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Great Wall Motors H6

China Auto Sales Slowing on Lower Economic Growth

Sales of new cars in China rose 3.7% year-over-year in April, the slowest rate in more than two years. The demand for new cars is cooling as economic growth slows. ...
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2013 Chevrolet Volt

Chevy Volt Price Chopped to $33,995

Not all electric cars can be as successful as those from Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA). After years of trying, General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) will make another run at the electric ...
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Prius interior

Toyota Camry Remains America’s Best Selling Car

Toyota (NYSE: TM) Camry held its position as America's best selling car last month, just below the three full-sized pick-ups which dominate U.S. vehicles . Camry kept its place because it is ...
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Cadillac Escalade 2015

Cadillac, Lincoln Fight Each Other for Share

Both General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) and Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) have invested serious money pushing their high-end luxury brands, Cadillac and Lincoln, in an effort to steal some ...
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Volkswagen Sales in US Continue to Crash

The most recent news from Volkswagen was that its long-term chairman, Ferdinand Piech, was pushed out after decades. To add insult to injury, two of his nieces have been nominated for ...
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Mercedes Dominates BMW in Sales

In the back and forth between Mercedes and BMW for the lead in luxury sales in America, Mercedes pulled ahead last month. Because its sales are also growing faster than BMW's, ...
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Can Camaro Get Its Mojo Back and Beat Mustang?

The Chevrolet division of General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) on Thursday sent around a new photo of the rear-end of its soon-to-be-introduced sixth generation Camaro. It is the view of ...
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GM Pickups Claim Market Share Lead in April

Sales of pickups account for a significant portion of an automaker’s total sales, especially in the United States. Anywhere from 17% to 30% of sales from the American Big Three ...
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GMC Sierra pickup

GM Sales Rise on Boost in Pickup Sales, Help From Cadillac

General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) posted total April U.S. sales of 269,056 vehicles, a rise of 6% compared with April 2014. The April total reflects stronger Cadillac and Chevrolet sales, ...
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Cadillac Launches Supercar CTS-V, but Can It Match BMW and Mercedes?

General Motor Co.'s (NYSE: GM) Cadillac division launched its new supercar, the CTS-V. It is a follow on to the earlier versions. Despite its impressive features, Cadillac management ought to ...
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April New Car Sales on Track for Another Strong Month

Estimated U.S. new car sales in the month of April suggest that a total of about 1.46 million units were sold during the month and that the seasonally adjusted annual ...
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