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Coca-Cola Named Most Powerful Brand, Followed by Hershey

How much does a brand contribute to a company's value? The answer to that question is likely to produce different answers depending on who's talking. A chief financial officer may have ...
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What to Expect From Microsoft Earnings

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) is scheduled to report its fiscal fourth-quarter financial results after the markets close on Tuesday. This top old-school technology stock gives investors a degree of mega-cap ...
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Top Dow Earnings for the Week Ahead

The broad markets hitting new all-time highs this past week and with a huge chunk of Dow Jones Industrial Average component earnings reports around the corner, who knows what to expect. What’s ...
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Merrill Lynch Bullish on 4 Large Cap Dividend Technology Stocks

With the market bursting through to all-time highs, there is always that sense of investor concern over what to do next. One good idea is to look at the sectors ...
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How DJIA Earnings Could Make or Break This Rally

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) hitting new all-time highs this past week, we have to wonder what we have in store going forward as earnings reporting ramps up. Consider this: ...
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UnitedHealth, Verizon Lead Dow Higher on Tuesday

July 13, 2016: Markets opened higher again Wednesday but by noon only the DJIA was still trading with a gain. A weakish dollar trade lasted most of the day while ...
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3 Stocks Set to Benefit From a Tighter Jobs Market

Employment data out of the United States came out better than expected this week, with nonfarm payrolls due shortly. The Challenger Job-Cut Report is still below average, and Moody's ADP private ...
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The 4 Stocks That Sank the DJIA Monday

June 27, 2016: Markets opened down again Monday after a full weekend of fretting about the Brexit vote. Again a stronger dollar has weighed heavily on the basic materials and ...
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Three Less Obvious Opportunities In Response To Brexit

43 years since joining the European Community in 1973, what would later become the European Union, the voters in the United Kingdom have finally voted to leave. Plenty has been ...
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Google Edges Facebook as America’s Most Visited Site

The Google sites, owned by Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL), were the most visited in May, based on desktop and mobile results together. They had 241.6 million unique visitors. Search trumped ...
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20 Companies Buying Back the Most Stock in 2016

It is no secret that investors love dividends and stock buybacks. In recent years, there has been a larger shift into companies buying back shares of common stock, even while they ...
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The 4 Stocks That Lifted the Dow on Tuesday

June 21, 2016: Markets opened higher again Tuesday ahead of Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen's appearance on Capitol Hill. The odds continue to improve that British voters will not choose to ...
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Merrill Lynch Likes 4 Large Cap Dividend Tech Stocks Now

One way or another, by the end of this week we will know the result of the Brexit vote, and while the volatility may ramp up some between now and ...
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Skunk in the Sun

Marijuana News Roundup: Microsoft Joins the Marijuana Trade

While Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) didn't pay $26 billion to get its foot in the door of the cannabis industry, one could argue that its deal with a small company ...
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Set a Meeting at Starbucks Using Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Last week The Wall Street Journal reported that Starbucks Corp.'s (NASDAQ: SBUX) loyalty rewards program had $1.2 billion loaded on 12 million customers' cards and mobile apps, more than many ...
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