The Wendy’s Company (NASDAQ:WEN)


McDonald’s Offers Free Coffee!

Among fast-food restaurants the competition right now is fiercest over breakfast menus. To fight back against a threat from Taco Bell, McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) is giving away free coffee ...
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UBS Has Five Stocks to Sell Into Volatility

The sell-off in the market caused by the aggressive Russian action in Ukraine may or may not have any long-lasting implications. Regardless of how things ultimately turn out, one thing ...
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Top Analyst Downgrades, Stocks to Sell: Apple, Twitter, First Solar and More

It is the first full trading week of 2014, and investors are trying to decide how to position their portfolios for the year. Wall Street brokerage firms are making their ...
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Pepsi Corporate Headquarters, Purchase, NY

Pepsi Kicks Coke Out at Buffalo Wild Wings

Pepsico Inc. (NYSE: PEP) has scored a win over chief rival The Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO), taking the soft drink business at the more than 975 U.S. locations of Buffalo ...
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17 Key Earnings to Watch in the Week Ahead with Full Previews

Earnings season has been going strong, most DJIA components have reported earnings, and this coming first full week of November will mark the last week of major earnings reports from ...
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McDonald’s Advice to Worker: Not Making Enough to Live On, Apply for Food Stamps

An employee of McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) who has worked for the company for 10 years and called the company’s employee hotline for advice on how to make ends meet ...
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Fast Food Jobs Cost America $7 Billion A Year? Does McDonald’s Make America Poor

Filed under "data to hard to obtain and analyze" are various estimates for what poverty or low wages cost the U.S. economy. Among the issues this kind of analysis creates are that increased wages can cut ...
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Burger King’s New “Low Fat” Satisfries May Change Fast-Food Industry

Burger King Worldwide Inc. (NYSE: BKW) has a new product it calls Satisfries. The french fries have 40% less fat than the fast-food chain's current product and 30% fewer calories. Of course, ...
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Bull and Bear

Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Ericsson, Zynga, Halliburton and More

The market keeps showing ambitions to go higher, and investors are looking for ideas on stocks to buy, stocks to sell and stocks to avoid. 24/7 Wall St. reviews dozens ...
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Starbucks Must Start Selling Pizza

The arms war among the fast-food chains escalated as McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) confirmed that it would begin to sell chicken wings nationwide next month. Dubbed "Mighty Wings," the new ...
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McDonald's french fries

The Wage Hike to $15 Would Cost McDonald’s $8 Billion

It would cost McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) and its franchisees more than $8 billion a year in the United States, if its workers received a raise from current wages to ...
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KFC Restaurant

Fast Food a Little Slower Today as Worker Walkouts Expected

The country’s largest fast-food chains are expected to see walkouts in seven cities today as workers protest the industry’s low wages at some the nation’s most profitable companies. Walkouts are ...
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Bull and Bear figures

Closing Bell for Wednesday on Wall Street: Markets Open Higher, Inch Downward All Day

July 24, 2013: U.S. equity markets opened higher this morning following upbeat estimates for eurozone flash PMI readings. In Asia, China’s PMI came in lower than expected, leading to more ...
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Top Analyst Upgrades and Stocks to Buy: Embraer, Lockheed, MGIC, UPS and More

Investors and traders seem to be constantly looking for fresh research ideas that will lead to higher income or more profits. 24/7 Wall St. reviews many fresh research calls each ...
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Wendy’s Win: No Change for McDonald’s, and Fast-Food Sector Concerns

The Wendy's Company (NASDAQ: WEN) is proving to be a serious turnaround contender. After double-digit gains after its earnings report, many investors might be tempted to flood back into the ...
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