Kodak’s Former CEO Gets Double for Nothing

As a reward for Antonio Perez's outstanding performance as CEO of Eastman Kodak Co. (NYSE: KODK) last year, he received $6.71 million. Perez was named Kodak's CEO in 2005 and ...
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blue jeans

Coldwater Creek Bankruptcy Is Not a Canary in the Coal Mine

After failing to find a buyer, struggling women’s clothing retailer Coldwater Creek Inc. (NASDAQ: CWTR) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection while it liquidates its stock and closes its ...
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coal train

James River Coal Files for Bankruptcy

The natural gas revolution claimed its first coal-mining victim after markets closed Monday night. James River Coal Co. (NASDAQ: JRCC) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it tries to ...
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Will Prana’s Implosion Go All the Way?

The first question anyone might ask if a stock falls from more than $9 to less than $2.50 is whether it already imploded? Prana Biotechnology Ltd. (NASDAQ: PRAN) has done ...
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Detroit Could Lose Another 100,000 People

The population drain in Detroit likely has not reached a bottom. The Census put the figure at just above 701,000 in 2012 (USA Today put the number lower at 684,799). ...
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Will Its Bankruptcy Bail GM Out of Recall Liabilities?

General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) has been taking it on the chin over its recalls. With congressional inquiries and investigations picking up, this would sound like it is really bad ...
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Cell Tower detail

Strategic Alternatives May Not Save NII Holdings

NII Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: NIHD) is trying a Hail Mary pass. The troubled Latin American cellphone provider announced early on Monday that it has hired UBS Investment Bank to be ...
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Nuclear Power Plants

Uranium Enrichment Company Files for Bankruptcy, Stock Collapses

USEC Inc. (NYSE: USU) has struggled for years as it has tried to get its new U.S. uranium enrichment project funded and under construction. Last December it reached an agreement ...
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down market

The Endgame for NII Holdings Nears

NII Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: NIHD) is not trading like a company that simply reported a wider loss than expected. The Latin American wireless Nextel telecom provider i sin trouble and ...
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JC Penney - shops

Analyst Cannot Even Value J.C. Penney at $3

Is J.C. Penney Co. Inc. (NYSE: JCP) doomed? Some market pundits face this potentiality more and more, even as others believe the company can go on operating in a restricted ...
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Analyst on Sears Going to $20: It Is Running Out of Options!

The fall of Sears Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHLD) is on the verge of becoming a no-win scenario. Nothing that the company tries seems to work. Its guidance was so bad ...
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Is YRC Worldwide Doomed?

YRC Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: YRCW) is a company with a stock that just cannot seem to ever get it right. Despite having more than quadrupled from its lows of last ...
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Bankruptcy Court Hits Anadarko With Potentially Massive Damage Award

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York issued a ruling on Thursday that could result in a damage award to Tronox Ltd. (NYSE: TROX) of as ...
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Organic and Natural Grocery Chain Dies in D.C. and Maryland

Apparently being all organic, natural or healthy is no longer an assured success in the grocery store business. A company called Natural Markets Food Group has announced that it will ...
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Government Auto Bailout: What If Toyota Had Bought GM?

Depending on which expert does the math, the U.S. taxpayer will lose about $10 billion on the bailout of General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) once the Treasury's sell-off of its stock ...
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