Government Regulation

Southwest Airlines

FAA to Order Boeing, Embraer to Inspect, Fix Possibly Defective Parts

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will on Monday publish proposed rules related to certain passenger planes made by The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) and Brazil's Embraer SA (NYSE: ERJ). ...
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Hyundai Recalls 305,000 Cars to Fix Brake Problem

In a filing with the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA), Hyundai Motor America said it would notify owners of up to 304,900 model year 2011 and 2012 Sonata ...
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SEC Looks to Enhance Transparency and Oversight in ATSs

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it has voted to propose rules regarding the enhancement of operational transparency and regulatory oversight of alternative trading systems (ATSs) that ...
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Fan Duel Site Audience Hits 10 Million

Fan Duel is in a fight with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman over whether it and rival Draft Kings can operate their businesses in the state. Fan Duel is so ...
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2016 Audi A7

Audi’s 200,000 Car Sales at Risk

Accusations that some Audi vehicles are part of the Volkswagen effort to dodge emissions standards add to the problems the huge German car company has from its mid-level vehicles. Luxury ...
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The Pentagon

Can Northrop Hold On to Its Big Bomber Win?

With an estimated $80 billion at stake, the long-awaited Pentagon contract to build the next U.S. bomber was the final jewel in the current round of big, new U.S. Air ...
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Marijuana bloom

Marijuana Weekly News Roundup

The state of Oregon has approved preliminary regulations to govern retail sales of marijuana in the state. The dispensaries that opened on October 1st are operating under temporary authority until ...
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Washington to Collect $1 Billion From Pot Taxes

The state of Washington has projected that it will collect $1 billion in sales tax revenue over the next four years as a result of legal marijuana sales. In the ...
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Pills and tablets

GNC Slammed on Oregon Attorney General Supplement Sale Lawsuit (Update)

GNC Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GNC) is getting its turn in the negative news mill over the quality and legality of supplement sales. As you might have guessed, it is not ...
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VW Passat TDI 2015

VW Recalls More Than Double Its Annual EU Sales

In 2014, Volkswagen sold 10,217 vehicles worldwide, of which 3.28 million were sold in Europe. Thursday the company said it is recalling a total of 8.5 million vehicles in 28 ...
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US FDA, FTC Decline to Review Diet Soda Advertising

In April of this year, a nonprofit organization called U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), filed a request with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asking the agency to begin an investigation ...
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Have the Biggest US Banks Really Been Nationalized Already?

When investors and financiers hear the term "nationalization," there almost never anything good that comes to mind. So what are investors, and depositors for that matter, supposed to think when a ...
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Staples store

Staples and Office Depot Get Extended FTC Merger Review

Staples Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLS) and Office Depot Inc. (NASDAQ: ODP) may have found another snag in how smooth this potential merger will go. The good news is that shares were ...
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Global Tax Dodges Save Companies Hundreds of Billions of Dollars

As major corporations move from country to country to avoid high taxes, the activity saves them hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Countries in which these companies might pay ...
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Mercedes Hit by Diesel Emissions

Diesel cars made by Mercedes-Benz produced an average of 2.2 times more nitrogen oxide emissions than the official Euro 5 standard and 5.0 times higher than the newer Euro 6 ...
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