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Over Half of Americans Dissatisfied With Gun Laws

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The United States is the gun capital of the world. There are over 400 million guns in America. That is against a population of about 335 million. There is a mass shooting in America about once a week, and over 20,000 people a year commit suicide with firearms. According to the FBI gun background check data, over 3 million guns are sold monthly. (Click here to see in which states mass shootings happen the most.)
Gun laws vary widely from state to state. In some states, people can carry guns in public. In others, the ability to buy a gun is difficult. At the federal level, Congress frequently debates whether there should be national laws about gun ownership, at least for certain kinds of firearms. These debates have not been successful as far as gun ownership restriction advocates are concerned.

Gallup recently published a poll about the attitudes of Americans toward gun laws. The poll was conducted between January 2 and January 22. According to Gallup, “Americans’ dissatisfaction with U.S. gun laws has risen to 63%, the highest by one percentage point in Gallup’s 23-year trend, and an increase of seven points over the past year.”

Views about gun laws were divided into several categories: very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, very dissatisfied and no opinion. Those who were very dissatisfied made up 40% of the total. This varied by political party. Among Democrats and independents who lean Democrat, the very dissatisfied number was 59%. Among Republicans and those independents who lean Republican, the figure was 24%.

The study concluded that “Americans today are as dissatisfied with the nation’s gun laws as they have been in the past 23 years.” However, the difference between the parties is among the reasons there are no major national gun regulations.

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