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New Mexico rebate checks of up to $1,000 will soon start hitting the bank accounts of eligible taxpayers in about two weeks.
A guaranteed income program in Los Angeles County will soon start accepting applications.
About 2.5 million Minnesota taxpayers will soon get tax rebate checks now that state lawmakers have passed the massive $3 billion tax relief bill.
The tax breaks from Florida include a series of tax holidays, as well as permanent sales-tax exemptions for certain products.
Although delaying taking Social Security is better, it is easier said than done.
Nebraska lawmakers have approved a massive $6.4 billion tax relief package.
A guaranteed income program will soon start accepting applications from the residents of Cambridge, Mass.
If you haven’t received the New Mexico tax rebate yet, you still have a few days to claim the assistance money.
Some Minnesotans may receive rebate checks soon as the lawmakers have now sent the $3 billion tax bill to the governor’s desk.
Some Iowans will get a new tax break going forward that was signed into law earlier this month.
Some Minneapolis residents will soon get a stimulus check of $500 to help them meet their basic needs.
In addition to the one-time rebate checks from Minnesota, the deal also includes creating a new tax credit and exempting taxes on Social Security income for some seniors.
Palm Springs, California, has now started sending recipients monthly payments of $800.
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has signed legislation to expand Working Families Tax Credit.
A variable withdrawal rate could give retirees peace of mind and, in turn, better investment performance as well.