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The Montana Department of Revenue has extended the deadline to claim the property tax rebate by one day.
The proposed $1 billion bill has something for everyone, including renters, individuals, families and seniors.
A significant number of California residents have not yet received this refund despite being eligible.
Volunteer firefighters and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) workers in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, may soon get a tax rebate.
The Social Security Administration works round the clock to ensure it sends the right amount of money to the right person, but, given the size and complexity of the program, overpayments can happen.
Support is again growing for expanding the child tax credit.
Eligible households soon will be able to apply for the Fairfax County guaranteed income program.
The proposed bill offers a tax credit to landlords who allow dogs and cats in rental units without breed or size restrictions or without charging any additional fees.
Some property tax relief is coming for senior citizens in Jackson County, Missouri, but not right away.
The state is using its fiscal year surplus because of high oil prices to give money back to eligible residents.
The IRS offers several tax deductions for seniors, but not everyone knows about them.
Virginia's governor has signed a bipartisan state budget that, among other things, includes $1 billion in tax relief.
The American Opportunity Tax Credit provides financial relief to students pursuing higher education.
Montana residents now have less than three weeks to apply for the property tax rebate.
Massachusetts taxpayers who haven’t yet claimed the 2022 tax credit need to hurry up, as the deadline to claim the credit is just days away.