Montana Property Tax Rebate Deadline Extended to Oct. 2

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The Montana Department of Revenue has extended the deadline to claim the property tax rebate by one day. The original Montana property tax rebate deadline was October 1, and now it has been extended to October 2. Since October 1 is a Sunday, the deadline has been shifted to a working day.

What’s The New Montana Property Tax Rebate Deadline?

Most qualified taxpayers would have already claimed the property tax rebate by now. According to the department, it has already approved more than 180,000 claims with a total value of $120 million, representing about 80% of the estimated claims.   

The department has extended the deadline for those who haven’t yet applied for the rebate. The Montana Department of Revenue will accept claims until 11:59 p.m. on Monday because taxpayers may have last-minute questions.

“Moving the deadline to Monday, October 2, will ensure department staff are in the office to help taxpayers claim their rebate,” the Montana Department of Revenue Director Brendan Beatty said.

Eligible residents will be able to apply for the rebate via the department’s online portal at Also, applicants can submit paper claims, which the department must receive by October 2.  

It is recommended that those who haven’t applied for the rebate use the online portal, as it is the fastest way for taxpayers to claim the rebate. Sending a paper claim could take time, especially in areas witnessing slower mail due to U.S. Postal Service staffing shortages.

Who can get the rebate?

To qualify for the rebate, the applicant needs to be a Montana taxpayer who, in a claim year, has been billed and paid the taxes on their principal residence. Also, the applicant needs to be a resident of Montana for at least seven months, and lived in the Montana residence for at least seven months.

Individuals and grantors of grantor trusts can claim the rebate provided they meet the requirements. Estates and trusts (except for grantor revocable trusts) do not qualify for the rebate.

It is required that the property tax bill is addressed to and in the name of the individual or grantor revocable trust claiming the rebate. It must be noted that homes held in an LLC or corporation do not qualify for the rebate, even if the person living in the home meets all the other requirements.

Selected applicants can get a rebate of up to $675 on their primary residence in 2023 and 2024. The revenue department will start accepting 2024 claims (Tax Year 2023) on Aug. 15, 2024. Only one rebate per household is allowed.

As for when you can expect the rebate, the department says it will issue rebates as claims are processed. Those who submit the claim online can expect the rebate to be issued within 30 days of filing a claim, while paper claims may take up to 90 days to process.

Visit the Montana Department of Revenue website for more information on the property tax rebate.

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