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FoxNews Posts Viewer Satisfaction Win

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Some research about the consumer satisfaction of people who consume news online does not distinguish between whether news sites are liberal or conservative. The new “ACSI E-Business Study 2021-2022” was just released and is proof of that. A total of 5,499 people were surveyed from July 2021 to June 2022 to form the study’s conclusions.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index is among the largest polls that tracks the preferences of people about scores of companies and dozens of industries.

The study covers three segments of e-business: social media, search engines, and news sites. In specific, “customers are asked to evaluate their recent experiences with the largest social media, search/information, and news websites in terms of visitor traffic, plus an aggregate category consisting of ‘all other’ — and thus smaller— websites in those categories.”

Across all news and opinion sites, the average score was 73. This was helped by the fact that consumers had positive views of “all others” news sites which does not include the seven sites that received individual scores.

Among these sites, ranked first with a score of 71, which tied The sites with the poorest grades were and with scores of 69. The spread between the top sites and the bottom was small. However, it gives Fox News bragging rights. A win is a win, just like baseball, where an 11-0 rout means just as much as a 6-5 triumph.

There are some hints about why did so well. The measurements were the quality of the news app; the reliability of each app; “freshness” of content; how a site performs; how easy it is to navigate; whether a site is easy to use on different devices; the reliability of video clips; the “variety” of services and information; and the number of ads.

Whether a site favors liberal or conservative points of view was not part of the evaluation.

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