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8 Cracker Brands to Try

Crackers grocery store sign
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Foods resembling crackers date back to the Roman Empire, but the first cracker made in the U.S. was purportedly created in 1792 by John Pearson in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He wanted to create a biscuit for sailors that would have a longer shelf life. Some of the first names of the product were “sea biscuits” and “hardtack,” but these creations were the precursor of one of America’s favorite snack foods: the cracker.

It’s no wonder why we love crackers. They are easily portable, whether you’re setting out on a seafaring voyage or just heading to a neighbor’s house to watch the game. They are perfect for dipping, but can also be a great standalone snack. They are often a healthier alternative to deep-fried chips (although neither could reasonably qualify as truly healthy food.) And they are versatile. Crackers cover a lot of flavor profiles, from savory to salty to sweet to a mashup of different flavors. Some of the most popular crackers include cheese, graham, wheat, salted, butter, and many more flavors and textures.

However, as is the case with almost every snack food, all crackers are not created equal. Some are okay. Some are just plain bad. And then there are some that rise to the top of the heap. Out of the seemingly endless list of flavors and styles of crackers, which are the best of the best? We found eight cracker brands that you really need to try. Some of them you’re almost certainly familiar with, while others might become your newly discovered favorites.

24/7 Wall St. compiled this list of cracker brands to try by consulting seven food review websites, blogs, and vlogs. We also consulted actual customer reviews on retail websites. Using an aggregate scoring system (and a little editorial discretion), we ranked these crackers from eighth to first place.

8. Saladitas

Saladitas crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
Saladitas are not your ordinary saltine cracker.
  • Company: Gamesa
  • Expected Price: $3.99
  • Size: 18.6 ounces

Saladitas Review

Saladitas crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
Saladitas can be difficult to find in U.S. stores, but they are available on Amazon and other online retailers.

A saltine is a saltine, right? Seriously, aren’t these basic crackers all the same? No, they are not!

Have you ever tried Saladitas? These crackers are made in Mexico and are a notch above any saltine you’ve tried in the States.

One reviewer said, “These things are flaky, salty, and crispy, while still being sturdy enough to handle a big ol’ scoop of ceviche. They have a deep, fresh flavor that so many other saltines just can’t match.”

A customer concurred with this assessment, saying, “Our favorite Mexican eatery serves these crackers and we love them! Very crisp and much more flavor than even the ‘best’ saltines. Cost more but so worth it!”

Saladitas can be difficult to find in American grocery stores, but they are available from online retailers, including Amazon.

7. Triscuit

Triscuit crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
Triscuit crackers are a vegan food.
  • Company: Mondelēz International Foodservice
  • Expected Price: $3.78
  • Size: 8.5 ounces

Triscuit Review

Triscuit crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.

The ingredients list on a box of Original Triscuit crackers couldn’t be simpler: whole-grain wheat, canola oil, and sea salt. That’s it. These crackers are a healthier alternative to other snacks and also fit into a vegan diet.

Don’t let those facts trick you into thinking that Triscuits aren’t tasty, though. On the contrary, these super crunchy wheat crackers have a robust taste that is quite different from any other cracker on this list.

One reviewer cheered, “…it’s hard to beat their coarse texture, unique bite, and deliciously wheaty flavor.” That same reviewer also noted that these crackers can be “divisive.” Some people “swear they taste like hay.”

Don’t count us among those haters, though. We love a good Triscuit. And we’re certainly not alone. One customer said, “My family and I love eating Triscuits on a regular basis! These hardy crackers pair really well with sliced cheeses and meats, avocado, tuna, pepperoni, etc…These crackers aren’t too salty and have a nice crunch to them. We love them!”

6. Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen sea salt crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
Stonewall Kitchen’s sea salt crackers are a light and salty treat.
  • Company: Stonewall Kitchen
  • Expected Price: $5.99
  • Size: 5 ounces

Stonewall Kitchen Review

Stonewall Kitchen crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
Stonewall Kitchen offers numerous cracker flavors, but the sea salt is our favorite.

Stonewall Kitchen offers 15+ varieties of crackers and crisps. The Sea Salt variety has a nice, buttery flavor with just the right amount of salt. It is a more basic style of cracker than some others on this list, but the simplicity is at the core of its appeal.

One reviewer said, “Stonewall Kitchen’s Sea Salt Crackers have a variety of uses — perhaps none as awesome as dipping in soup.”

One customer noted these crackers are “flavorful from the first bite to the last bite, it is the best cracker I’ve ever eaten.”

The one knock on Stonewall Kitchen crackers is the high price point. It is a premium cracker that sells at a premium price. Fans of this brand will tell you it’s worth the extra coin, though.

5. Goldfish

Goldfish cheddar crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
Is there anything more iconic than Goldfish crackers?
  • Company: Pepperidge Farm
  • Expected Price: $3.69
  • Size: 6.6 ounces

Goldfish Review

A pile of Goldfish Crackers
Source: Evan-Amos / Wikimedia Commons
These little fish-shaped crackers are just as tasty and satisfying as you remember.

These classics are packed with nostalgia. Who didn’t love Goldfish crackers as a kid? Well, kids still love them, but these baked cheddar crackers appeal to a lot of adults, too.

There are many more varieties of Goldfish than you might remember from your childhood. Today, you can buy Flavor Blasted and Mega Bites Goldfish crackers. You can find pizza, parmesan, pretzel, and even sweet graham cracker flavors. In our opinion, though, nothing beats the Baked Cheddar flavor.

One customer said, “My family loves Goldfish and [we] always have a bag in the pantry.”

Another customer felt their comment would be lost in the expanse of the internet, but it is not so. We found it and we’re sharing it. “Ok, honestly, who is going to need to read this? EVERYONE loves Goldfish already!!! Plus they are [great] snack packets to leave in the car for the red light stop….or waiting for the kids’ pick up….or sneaking late at night….. I know YOU never sneak late at night? :)”

Nope. Never. Well, on second thought…

4. Honey Maid

Honey Maid graham crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
There is real honey in every Honey Maid graham cracker.
  • Company: Mondelēz International Foodservice
  • Expected Price: $4.68
  • Size: 14.4 ounces

Honey Maid Review

Family size package of Honey Maid graham crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
Honey Maid graham crackers are a yummy treat for the whole family.

Honey Maid is the only graham cracker to appear on this list, but it is a staple of many dessert recipes. It is also an essential provision on any camping trip because s’mores.

These crackers have been made with real honey since they launched in 1925. That delightful sweetness remains unbeaten nearly a century later.

One customer noted, “[Honey Maid graham crackers] are crunchy, hearty, and have a delicious mild honey flavor. Seriously, so good by themselves, but even better, when accompanied with a glass of milk!”

Another said, “I can’t believe I wasted so many years not enjoying [Honey Maid] graham crackers as a snack. I had them plain right out of the box, crumbled on yogurt, with peanut butter, and every way I tried them, I loved them! They are sweet, but not too sweet, and crunchy so [they] can satisfy any craving. These will absolutely be a closet staple from now on.”

(And, as if you needed another reason to buy these honey-sweet treats, graham crackers top the list of 25 junk foods that are actually not so bad for you.)

3. Crunchmaster

Crunchmaster multi-seed crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
Crunchmaster is a tasty baked rice cracker.
  • Company: TH Foods
  • Expected Price: $3.99
  • Size: 4 ounces

Crunchmaster Review

Crunchmaster multi-seed crackers
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.

If you’re hungry for a different cracker experience, check out Crunchmaster. These baked rice crackers feature a flavor profile unlike any other cracker on this list. They are also gluten-free, which opens up a whole new audience that often has to ignore their cracker cravings.

One review said these crackers are wonderfully “salty” and “nutty.” They went on to say, “Crunchmaster is truly the master of crunch and we love them for it.”

If you’re skeptical that a gluten-free cracker can actually taste good, we completely understand. But listen to what this customer had to say: “Honestly, I expected them to taste like cardboard but I was very surprised! These crackers almost have a chip-like appearance and they are definitely crispy. They have this extremely pleasant sesame flavor. I actually looked for reasons not to like these going in, but now I am hooked!”

2. Cheez-It

A bag of Cheez-it crackers
Source: Famartin / Wikimedia Commons
What school lunch is complete without a bag of Cheez-It crackers?
  • Company: Kellanova
  • Expected Price: $5.78
  • Size: 21 ounces

Cheez-It Review

Cheez-It Crackers
Source: Evan-Amos / Public domain / Wikimedia Commons
Are they the cheesiest? Yes, they are.

If cheese crackers are your jam, then Cheez-It is your brand. While other crackers call for dip or some topping to complete them, Cheez-It crackers stand up all by themselves.

With nearly 30 different varieties of flavors and textures, Cheez-It can satisfy virtually any snack craving. However, the Original is, and likely will always be, the king.

These crackers claim to be “the cheesiest” in their over-acted, melodramatic ads, but the claim itself can’t be denied. The cheddar cheese flavor stands out from any other cracker on the market.

As one reviewer said, “Those tiny baked orange crackers, with their precisely correct hint of salt, remain an out-of-the-park hit…”

Cheez-It crackers have been a snacking staple in the U.S. for well over 100 years and the popularity of these cheesy crackers continues to grow.

One customer said, “Best snack ever. I have loved these since kindergarten. These are the GOAT of snacks.”

We agree. But don’t worry…these crackers don’t actually contain goat.

1. Ritz

Ritz crackers family size box
Source: Courtesy of Mike Edmisten via 24/7 Wall St.
In the battle for cracker supremacy, Ritz is the clear champion.
  • Company: Mondelēz International Foodservice
  • Expected Price: $5.79
  • Size: 20.5 ounces

Ritz Review

Ritz cracker boxes
Source: Bjørn Erik Pedersen / Wikimedia Commons
Salty. Buttery. Simply the best. That’s what you can expect from Ritz crackers.

The winner of the best cracker battle was clear. Totally, obviously, unmistakably clear. Ritz won this cracker showdown in a landslide.

There are over 25 different varieties of Ritz crackers, but the original is still the undisputed champion. As one reviewer put it, there are a lot of “brands attempting to imitate this classic cracker…[but] ​nothing can quite replicate salty, buttery, toasty, crunchy Ritz.”

Another mused, “When it comes to the king of them all, only one can be ‘puttin’ on the ritz.’”

The success of Ritz crackers is found in their simplicity. A rich, buttery flavor. A little salt. Perfectly toasted. It is beautiful, simple cracker perfection, and Americans can’t get enough of them.

In fact, in a recent study by the research and analytics firm, YouGov, Ritz was not only the most popular cracker in the U.S., but it was the sixth most popular snack food brand period. These delicious buttery crackers only trailed M&M’s, Reese’s, Oreo, Snickers, and Lay’s.

One customer gushed about Ritz crackers, saying, “These yummy crackers are a staple in our house. They are so buttery and delicious! We love them with cheese or peanut butter and one of my favorite ways to have them is with tuna or chicken salad. My daughter loves to just eat them plain. They are good with practically any topping so it’s fun to see what combinations we can come up with. The possibilities are endless!”

We couldn’t agree more. Plain, topped, dipped…however you like to eat them, you will not find a better cracker than Ritz.

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