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8 Bread Brands You Absolutely Must Try

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Bread is a comfort food for many people. As we thought about our favorite types of bread, thoughts of Grandma Gena’s homemade bread with strawberry jam reigned supreme. Unfortunately, you can’t bottle and sell memories, so we looked to commercial bread companies to find our favorites.

Bread is one of the most common foundations of any meal. From sandwich bread to artisan options, we investigated not only the products offered but how they’re made and what ingredients are used. We considered if the company was invested in new baking techniques or sustainable facilities. Most of all, we wanted bread that was accessible, family-friendly and healthy. We’ve got a list of eight bread brands we love, listed in no particular order, although this author is a bit partial to the number one option.

8. Sara Lee

Sara Lee desserts
Source: Mario Tama / Getty Images News via Getty Images
Sara Lee offers a variety of bread products along with frozen foods.
  • Donate a portion of sales to end hunger in the United States
  • Available in an Artesano option
  • No high fructose corn syrup

Bread Made With the Planet in Mind

Source: Marc Dufresne / iStock via Getty Images
Sara Lee’s parent company has made significant investments in sustainability.

Sara Lee got its name from the founder’s eight-year-old daughter, signifying his commitment to making high-quality, delicious food for families all over. The company makes significant efforts to minimize its effect on the planet through waste diversion, renewable energy, efficient lighting, sustainable packaging and an alternative energy fleet.

The company offers a variety of options, including 100% whole wheat, honey wheat, butter bread and Texas toast. They also have a line of bagels, a Delightful 45 low-calorie option, and a wide selection of artisan bread that’s available at most grocery stores. Choose from brioche, golden wheat, bakery buns, sausage rolls, smooth multigrain and more if you opt for the Artesano line.

7. Great Grains

Source: Garrett Aitken / iStock via Getty Images
Great Grains bread products are baked and delivered to local stores daily.
  • Vegan-friendly options
  • Delivered to local stores daily
  • Variety of products

A Company Devoted to Eating Well

Source: monkeybusinessimages / iStock via Getty Images
Great Grains is focused on keeping products healthy without sacrificing taste.

Great Grains is part of the Papa Pita brand, a company that operates out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand offers tortillas, English muffins, naan, pizza crusts, bagels and variety breads.  For local companies who sell the product, they deliver them daily to make sure you’re getting a fresh product. Papa Pita includes the following products: Great Grains Bakers, Bubba’s, Maya’s Tortillas, Wrapido and Papa’s Organic.

Great Grains bread comes in several options: wide pan, split top, sandwich, old fashion, hoagies, hot dog buns, hamburger buns and dinner rolls. The company uses non-GMO ingredients and regularly updates its baking techniques to improve its products.

6. Nature’s Own

Source: DaveBolton / Getty Images
Nature’s Own bread has been around for more than a century.
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Variety of products

The Bakery Perfected Over 100 Years

Source: los_angela / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Nature’s Own has a unique variety of products, including those friendly for some popular diets.

Nature’s Own bread is made under the Flowers Foods corporate umbrella. The company also makes Wonder Bread, Home Pride and Dave’s Killer Bread, to name a few. The company employs more than 9,000 people across 19 states and is committed to corporate responsibility in the environment, with employees, in communities and for consumers.

We love Nature’s Own because there’s something for everyone. Products include buns, rolls and flatbreads. Soft sandwich bread comes in honey wheat, butterbread, honey oat, 100% whole grain and various other options. Nature’s Own also has a 40-calorie Honey Wheat, a 100% Whole Grain Sugar-Free and a Keto Soft White Net 1 Carb bread option.

5. Arnold

Source: minoandriani / Getty Images
Arnold has a bread made specifically to improve gut health.
  • No bleached flour
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Gut health focus

Giving Back to the Community While Baking Like Grandmas

Source: pixelfit / E+ via Getty Images
The Arnold brand has many initiatives that allow them to give back to local communities.

Arnold breads are baked “like grandmas would bake them” and free from ingredients like potassium bromate, FD&C artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup. The company is focused on sustainability but really makes a mark on the local community. They give back through charitable donations, collegiate scholarships, local museums, renewable energy initiatives and efforts to feed people across the country.

Arnold offers a unique blend of options, and it’s the only company we reviewed with an option specifically for gut health. They also offer sandwich thins, buttermilk bread, Keto-friendly options and Italian bread, just to name a few. Fan favorites include their oatmeal bread and trademarked Oatnut bread.

4. Franz

Freshly baked bread.
Source: takemax / iStock via Getty Images
Franz basic white bread loaf has been perfected over more than a century of baking.
  • Offers sweets along with bread
  • Organic options
  • Gluten-free option that tastes good

A 15-Year-Old Immigrant and a Dream

Source: bhofack2 / Getty Images
Franz also makes delicious English muffins.

Franz products began as an idea that a 15-year-old immigrant had when he and his brothers moved to Oregon and started working in their uncle’s bakery. The story continues more than 100 years later, and the organization acquired Idaho’s Alpicella Premium Breads, Dunford/Rocky Mountain Bakery and the beloved Love’s brand.

Franz products include sweets, English muffins, bagels, buns and rolls, gluten-free bread, classic bread, premium bread and organic bread. We are fans of the classic big white bread perfected over 117 years of baking.

3. Dave’s Killer Bread

Patty melt sandwich. Ground beef patty with melted cheese and topped with caramelized onions on two slices of griddled rye bread. Classic American meat and cheese Sandwich served with crispy fries.
Source: Marie Sonmez Photography /
Dave’s Killer Bread is a hearty option for a thick, filling sandwich.
  • Non-GMO verified
  • USDA-certified organic bread
  • Widely available

Another Winner by Flowers Foods

Source: PamelaJoeMcFarlane / iStock via Getty Images
Dave’s Killer Breads include several delicious breakfast options.

We know that including Dave’s Killer Bread as an individual entry was cheating a bit because it falls under the Flowers Foods brand, but we just couldn’t resist. Compared to the company’s other brands, Dave’s Killer Bread is a newer endeavor and became available to buyers in Mexico, Canada and the United States in 2016.

Dave’s claims to be the best bread you’ve ever tasted, and they do a decent job backing up that claim. From the Righteous Rye to the Powerseed bread, they are filling and healthy. Breads also come in a thin-sliced option, and Dave’s has an assortment of breakfast bread.

2. Pepperidge Farm

Source: rep0rter / iStock via Getty Images
Pepperidge Farm’s most popular product is probably their Goldfish, and they also make a variety of crackers.
  • No artificial flavors
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Frozen bread and breakfast bread

Baking With Care for Generations

Tomato soup with cheese sandwich
Source: George Dolgikh /
Pepperidge Farm bread is a great way to start any type of sandwich.

Founded in 1897 by one of the great business leaders of the time, Pepperidge Farm has grown into much more than Margaret Rudkin originally intended. The company is named after the farm her family lived on during the Great Depression, and the first modern bakery was created in the chaos of rationing and shortages after World War II. We love Margaret’s story almost as much as we love her recipes.

Pepperidge Farm makes the famous Goldfish crackers, cookies, crackers, puff pastries and desserts in addition to a variety of bread products. We love Pepperidge Farm as a foundation for a good, filing sandwich. We also love the Raisin Cinnamon and Cinnamon Swirl breakfast bread, as well as the frozen garlic Texas Toast and mini bagels. In fact, what’s not to love when it comes to Pepperidge Farm?

1. Grandma Sycamore’s

grandma making pasta the old traditional way in her home
Source: davide bonaldo /
Grandma Sycamore’s bread tastes just like it came out of your grandma’s oven.
  • Available in most grocery stores
  • High in protein
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

A Company Doing It Right

Grandma Sycamore’s bread is great for sandwiches, toast or even a filling snack.

Sandwich with white toast bread, bacon, tomato, onion, salad, cheese on white. Space for text.
Source: Svetlana-Cherruty / iStock via Getty Images

Grandma Sycamore’s is also part of a larger conglomerate we’ve already featured, but it’s still our favorite. No matter how hard we try, we can’t get past the consistent softness, delicious flavor and variety of options. The brand operates under the larger Bimbo Bakeries USA, which includes Sara Lee, Arnold, Heiner’s and many more.

One of the best things about Grandma Sycamore’s bread is that it’s easily accessible at most grocery stores. It’s also sold at warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. Choose from the original white bread (which we think tastes most like homemade bread), sunflower and honey bread, honey whole wheat and many more.

An Industry Dedicated to Improvement

a woman sits in the kitchen cutting off crusts of bread
Source: Traimak_Ivan / iStock via Getty Images
Many bread-making companies are dedicated to improving the environment and their local communities.

One common thread we found throughout our research is that all these bread brands are constantly updating baking techniques and recipes to offer customers better products. They are also committed to their communities and to sustainability. Overall, the bread industry seems to be one that is consistently improving.



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