Newegg Commerce Inc.

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Closing price May 30, 2023
Tuesday's market meltdown didn't miss meme stocks. But there were a few stocks that weathered the storm pretty well.
Despite Friday's sharp drop in equity prices, there were a couple of winners. Premarket trading indicated a higher open, with crude oil up well over 5%.
Tuesday was not shaping up to be a winner on Tuesday. The same was true for meme stocks. As a group, losers outnumbered winners by about three to one.
Here are five stocks that were moving higher in Monday's premarket trading, including a couple that skyrocketed.
Some meme stocks, such as AMC Entertainment, were getting a much-needed price boost Monday.
Meme stocks are following the market trend Monday, with more shares trading down as the session rolls toward the closing bell.
A conference called the Ape Festival is being held in Las Vegas next January. Who can resist? Meanwhile, positive action is the theme for Friday's morning trading session.
Meme stocks traded generally lower at midday Thursday.
At the noon hour Monday, three meme stocks were trading down by double-digit percentages.
Virgin Galactic stock is pulling back a bit as some investors worry about a delay or worse for Sunday's scheduled flight.
Following Wednesday's near-tripling of its share price, internet retailer Newegg is giving a chunk of the gain back on Thursday.
There may be a new entrant in the meme stock sweepstakes. Shares of Newegg were halted early Wednesday morning and then doubled anyway.
Newly public internet retailer Newegg is having a banner week.