Motorola: An Empty Promise Of A Turnaround

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Ed Zander, Motorola’s (MOT) CEO, promised that things would be better for the company’s shareholders. Soon.

Handsets sales at the firm have fallen off a cliff. Once the clear No.2 behind Nokia (NOK), MOT now has a global market share of only about 15% and has probably been passed by Samsung for second place. A surging Sony Ericsson is also picking up share, and a lower-priced Apple (AAPL) iPhone will be a threat at the high end of the market.

Referring to the company’s past success with the RAZR, Zander said to CNN Money ‘We’ve done it, we’ve been there,’ he said. ‘We’ve got to get back on it, and do it not for three years but 30 years.’

But, MOT is unable to articulate any plan for improvement.

Which means they probably don’t have one.

Douglas A. McIntyre