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An iPhone Screen as Big as a TV Set

Presumably, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) will release its new iPhone 6 at an event the company has scheduled for September 9. The event has been preceded by wild speculation about the new phone’s primary features. In reality, these are guesses — mostly. The iPhone 6 could have a screen as big as a typical home video screen, or as small as the eraser on a pencil.

The list of possible iPhone 6 features is very long. It may have a 5.5 inch screen. Or the screen may be 4.7 inches, or Apple may release two versions. Both may look like smaller screen versions of the iPad, and they may have some of the larger product’s features and functions as well. The iPhone 6 may have round corners or square ones. Perhaps it will have a flexible screen. It may be waterproof like the Samsung Galaxy S5. As a matter of fact, to match the Samsung product, or best it, a waterproof phone is essential.

The iPhone 6 almost certainly will have a more powerful processor than its predecessor. This has been true of every generation of the phone. Of course, it will need a better camera. That has been critical to the iPhone’s evolution as well.

As for the software package for the iPhone 6, it will certainly run on the new Apple iOS 8.

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Large media groups believe they have the features of the iPhone 6 nailed down well before the launch. According to Bloomberg:

After years of experiments, Apple will announce a payments platform so that iPhone owners will be able to buy goods at brick-and-mortar stores with a quick flick of their iPhones. The company has inked deals with Visa, MasterCard and American Express for the iPhone 6, which contains a wireless chip that transmits data securely to an in-store reader.

Bloomberg is also certain of the 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch screen options.

If the media and almost all analysts who cover Apple have such a perfect picture of what the iPhone 6 is like, the company may as well skip the product launch. That is, unless it has features that are truly secret, such as a 90-inch screen with unimaginable resolution.

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