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When you think about boomers and their favorite consumer electronics brands, there are some names you can easily predict. Brands like Apple and its FaceTime video calls have helped boomers stay in...
When it comes to millennials’ favorite consumer electronics brands, the list is likely to surprise many people. What you might think would be a straightforward list of the most hip brands is...
With earnings season officially underway, the S&P 500 has been meandering between positive and negative territory throughout today’s trading session, most recently trading modestly lower....
Apple is trapped by its reliance on a few major hardware products, an operating system, and an app empire under siege.
Apple licensing Google’s Gemini for generative AI on iPhones could be a win-win for both companies -- if it works out.
On December 10, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) celebrated its 43rd anniversary as a publicly traded stock. Apple stock made its 1980 debut at $20 per share. Since the IPO, the stock has split 5 times,...
Apple stock has handily outperformed the broader markets over the past five years. Here are the some reasons the run is far from over.
The UAW's next move, an alternative bid for the PGA Tour, Disney refocuses, and more Friday morning headlines.
Investors face a difficult problem. How do they handicap iPhone 15 sales if they are not reported?
Some customers are just cheap, and there might as well be products to sell them.
Forecasts suggest that Apple may experience a decline in market share within China this year.
If sales of the new iPhone are slow, Apple may make up the revenue shortfall with higher prices.
Apple needs to sell $200 billion worth of iPhones in the next year. Its financial success depends on it.
The worry about Apple’s upgrade cycle is whether a new iPhone is enough of an improvement over the current one to bring in buyers.
When will a next-generation iPhone fail to draw the tens of millions of customers investors expect?