The lack of iPhone buyers across a part of China that has tens of millions of people, due to a pandemic lockdown, is a serious challenge to Apple.
Apple shares have been on an extraordinary run recently, but that may be over.
Although markets turned lower Tuesday, this did not stop analysts from hiking their targets on a couple of trillion-dollar tech stocks.
An alleged scam app reappears in the App Store, and a report says Apple sent a team to Korea to find suppliers for electronic components for its Apple Car.
Apple's recently released Private Relay feature is riling up wireless carriers in both the United States and Europe.
Apple briefly reaches a $3 trillion market cap less than 18 months after topping the $2 trillion level.
For the second consecutive month, Apple has captured the highest market share in China. The company's November share rose by 15.5% compared to its October total.
Apple has been paying surprise bonuses worth as much as $180,000 in an effort to retain top technical talent. The company also has put a Foxconn assembly plant in India on probation.
A Dutch antitrust regulator has ruled that Apple must allow an app developer to use its preferred payment system and a Foxconn plant that makes iPhones in India has been closed due to a food...
Apple has posted a new video with 10 tips for iPhone users, both new and veteran. The company also has closed more of its retail stores due to increased cases of COVID-19.
A giant iPad would put Apple back in the game for smart home devices, but the company needs to address some issues before that happens.
Apple is inching up on a $3 trillion market cap, less than two years after it first hit $2 trillion.
Apple is being sued over an alleged defect in Apple Watch that could cause injury to the wearer. The good news is that Apple's stock price could rise more in the next few weeks.
Apple gets a reprieve in court, but its transparency campaign takes a serious hit.
Apple is reportedly raising its planned shipments of iPhones by 30% in the first half of 2022.