The iPhone 12 launch is just around the corner, and more investors are throwing their money at Apple anticipating a win. However, one analyst is taking a very cautious approach to the upcoming launch.
A lot of Apple stock’s recent momentum has been due to the excitement around the upcoming iPhone 12 and 5G. Is there a wave of new purchases of smartphones, personal computers and tablets coming...
On top analysts sees Corning as a winner, based on the coming demand for iPhones, televisions and other screens. Could this be a boost for Apple and Best Buy as well?
Investors have been focused on many of the potential 5G winners, and one company in that mix has been Skyworks Solutions. An independent research firm has keyed on its prospects.
Apple has largely weathered the coronavirus pandemic on the back of its Services business, but Wedbush Securities sees it rising even higher on its bread and butter business — iPhone sales.
The race to build 5G wireless networks has heated up over the past year or so. AT&T is betting that its stock price will get a large enough boost from 5G to keep paying its generous dividend.
The future of smartphones in the United States and most other major nations is 5G. If Apple gets its share of 5G hardware sales, the stock should stay healthy.
5G is critical to AT&T’s future but Verizon and Sprint/T-Mobile will also be competing hard for market share. A slapdown from the National Advertising Review Board won’t help.
Slumping iPhone sales and other near-term problems are being offset by Apple's incredible services business. If anything, this makes Apple quite a safe bet.
Only three U.S. public companies have market valuations of over $1 trillion. To stay in the group, Apple will need to do more than just sell iPhones.
Apple borrowed $8.5 billion Monday in a four-part bond deal. Why? Because right now, money is cheap.
It’s hard not to be optimistic about Apple in the long term. The most recent earnings report shed more light on where the company stands despite the pandemic.
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) managed to report earnings that would have been considered a victory nder the circumstances of the COVID-19 induced recession. The company even raised its dividend to boot,...
Global smartphone sales dove at a record rate. However, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone sales held steady as the U.S. company added market share. Research firm IDC reported a year over year drop...
After markets closed Thursday, Apple reported $2.55 in earnings per share (EPS) and $58.3 billion in revenue, compared with consensus estimates that called for $2.26 in EPS and $54.54 billion in...