The number of products Apple sells is actually relatively small for a company with revenue of over $275 billion, but simplicity is part of Apple's success.
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is already among the world’s largest hardware companies and has a services business that has become its fastest-growing. Apple is expected to expand that services...
Five years ago, no one could have imagined any company eventually would reach the $1 trillion market cap. Now, four public corporations are above that, and Apple's shares continue to rise.
Apple is reportedly planning to produce 96 million iPhones in the first six months of next year, an increase of 30% over production in the same period this year.
The iPhone 12 appears to be on the way to matching records for the top-selling smartphone in Apple's history.
Though its Services business is Apple's play to move beyond hardware, the primary reason its stock has surged is hope for iPhone 12 sales.
Apple's record quarter is a rare miss for investors despite topping estimates.
The week of October 30 will mark the week where the earnings floodgates are shown to be wide open as the busiest week. Investors were taught for decades that earnings are what drive stock prices, but...
The investing world has seen Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) turn into the greatest story of a lifetime. After having an existential issues in the 1990s, Tim Cook’s journey in the post-Steve Jobs era...
Apple could have sold up to 9 million new iPhone 12s and 12 Pros, according to Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo. The company is also bolstering its music offerings this week.
America’s major market indexes set records in the early part of the year, only to be battered by an unprecedented economic pandemic brought on by the spread of COVID-19. The markets have...
Apple stock pushed higher on Monday after a federal judge ruled that it may continue to ban of the popular video game Fortnite from its App Store.
Can Apple sell 350 million iPhone 12s in the next 36 months? Beyond the teetering economy, as 5G proliferates and Apple releases multiple models, the wind is at its back.
It probably felt extreme that Apple's stock had sold off almost 25% as of Monday's open from its peak this month, but one analyst believes that the selling has gone too far too fast.
This will be the first time Apple has introduced a new model into the teeth of a recession since it launched the iPhone 3G in mid-2008.