Some of the most favored companies offer high-quality and innovative products, prioritize customer service, operate ethically, and in some cases speak up on some political or social issues. To...
Apple briefly reaches a $3 trillion market cap less than 18 months after topping the $2 trillion level.
A Taiwan-based technology news site reports that Apple is talking with LG Electronics about making an iPhone with a foldable screen.
Despite Apple's record quarter, it was bested by Samsung in global smartphone shipments over the course of 2020.
Smartphone production fell by the most in the industry's history in the second quarter. Production is expected to increase in the second half of the year, but remain sharply lower compared to 2019.
Japan's SoftBank is reportedly seeking a buyer for Arm, the semiconductor design business it paid $32 billion for in 2016. There are several possible buyers that have deep pockets, but a deal faces...
Global smartphone sales dove at a record rate. However, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone sales held steady as the U.S. company added market share. Research firm IDC reported a year over year drop...
According to network monitoring firm OpenSignal, the smartphones with the fasted download speeds in the U.S. are made by Samsung. Where does Apple fit in?
Smartphones have fueled the growth in consumer electronics sales for nearly a decade. Continuing a recent trend, smartphone sales have continued to fall.
After an army of reviewers criticized the new Samsung Fold for defects, the company has announced it will delay the release of the ultra-expensive smartphone.
Some experts say that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has problems almost immediately out of the box. If the problems continue, will they undermine sales of a product that should be the start of a revolution...
All four major U.S. mobile wireless carriers are posting speeds of more than 25 megabits per second, the lower limit to meet the definition of a broadband network.
After years of growth, smartphone sales have started to slow worldwide. This means production will drop sharply in the first quarter of 2019, bad news for Apple and other companies.
Tesla names new board chair, Samsung unveils foldable smartphone, Ford buys electric scooter startup, and other important business headlines.
Global smartphone shipments dropped more than 8% year over year in the third quarter. One China-based maker is making big gains while perennial leaders are just hanging on.