How Much Do Americans Know About the Federal Reserve?

The Federal Reserve thinks the economy is strengthening and because of this, the central bank is increasing the level on its benchmark rate. The Fed has lifted rates four times since December 2015 and probably will do so again at the end of the year. More clarity from the Fed will be forthcoming when it meets Wednesday, with a policy statement scheduled for release that day.

Even though those central bank’s actions are indicative of an improving economy, some Americans are unaware of the Fed’s actions and their impact on the economy, according to a recent survey from the free-credit-score website WalletHub.

Fifty-six percent of those surveyed think rate hikes are bad for their wallet. More than one-third of Americans think higher rates are bad for the economy.

Half of those surveyed think higher rates will make mortgages more expensive, even though 90% of homeowners have fixed-rate mortgages. The survey found 44% of Americans don’t know when the Fed last raised rates.

Also, 16% of those surveyed believe the central bank is in charge of credit scores and 60% of them believe credit card rates are high enough already. Fourteen percent think the Fed should be abolished.