America's New Rape Capitals

The FBI has just issued its 2018 Crime in the United States report. It has posted the report annually for eight decades. The report covers both violent and property crimes, and data is presented by city. Nationwide, the number of violent crimes reported dropped in 2018 by 3.3% to an estimated 1,206,836.

In some cities, crime is still rampant, in particular violent crime. Data shows that rape rates continue to be very high in certain areas. 24/7 Wall St. looked at these and found the cities where rape rates were the worst last year.

The rate of rapes in the United States has risen sharply in the past half-decade. Most rapists are not brought to justice. According to the business website Quartz, “At least two-thirds of rapists in the US get away with it.”

24/7 Wall St. measured the rates by city based on rapes per 100,000 people. The 10 cities with the highest rates posted numbers over 120 rapes per 100,000 people. These cities were spread across America and were not concentrated in a small number of states. In fact, only Michigan and Utah had two cities on the list.

The city with the highest rate of rapes was Anchorage, Alaska, at 210, much higher than the next city on the list. The FBI lists its population at 291,992. There were 613 rapes in the city last year. Next on the list for 2018 was Springfield, Missouri, at 198 rapes per 100,000. The FBI’s population for Springfield is 168,537. There were 333 rapes in the city last year. New Orleans was next on the list with a rate of 172 rapes, in an FBI population of 396,174. The number of rapes in the city last year was 681.

Here are the 10 U.S. cities where the FBI says rape rates were the highest last year.

City Population Rape Rape rate per 100,000
Anchorage, Alaska 291,992 613 209.94
Springfield, Mo. 168,537 333 197.58
New Orleans, La. 396,374 681 171.81
Pueblo, Colo. 111,756 185 165.54
Spokane, Wash. 218,222 351 160.85
Detroit, Mich. 671,275 988 147.18
West Valley, Utah 137,132 183 133.45
Lansing, Mich. 117,380 149 126.94
Gainesville, Fla. 133,400 169 126.69
Salt Lake City, Utah 202,633 245 120.91