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Don't Get Sick in This State

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Millions of Americans get sick each year. Diseases range from common colds to COVID-19, and injuries from broken fingers to car accidents. Not all cities and states give the same level of care. Some larger, poorer cities have only modest medical resources. Patients often have to be admitted to hospitals. People can wait a long time for ambulances in some metro areas.

The Worst Health Care

A new study shows that there is a vast difference among states when it comes to the level of care. Forbes Advisors took into account the cost of health care, the number of health care providers, levels of insurance coverage, how difficult it is to get insurance and how long it takes to get insurance payments.

Among the results was that most of the states with the worst health care are in the South: Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina, Arkansas and Texas.

On a scale of 1 to 100, with the highest number being the worst, Georgia ranked at the bottom of all states with a score of 100.

Why does Georgia do so poorly? It is third highest for percentage of residents who lack health insurance coverage (12.63%), fifth highest for kidney disease mortality rate (18.87 deaths per 100,000 state residents), eighth highest stroke mortality rate (44.27 deaths per 100,000 state residents) and eighth highest average deductible for residents with single health insurance coverage through an employer ($2,269 annually). (These are the most obese states in America.)

What to Do About It

How do people who live in Georgia get around this? Live in a city with a major medical center, particularly one linked to a teaching hospital. Get the statistics about the average time that ambulances show up for emergencies. Check the ratio of doctors and hospitals per capita.

It may be best to move for those who cannot find parts of the state with better-than-average medical scores.

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